Elk Grove May Spend up to $14k to Host Nigerian Sister City Royalty - Video Included

February 27, 2014 | As part of its expanding international sister city initiative, the Elk Grove City Council last night heard a presen...

February 27, 2014 |

As part of its expanding international sister city initiative, the Elk Grove City Council last night heard a presentation on a proposed hosted visit by the Emir of Katsina of Nigeria that could cost the city at least $14,800.

The hosted visit is part of a plan to establish a relationship with the city and state of Katsina, Nigeria. The sister city relationship was proposed by Elk Grove resident Davies Ononiwu, who formally delivered the sister city proposal to the Emir in Katsina. 

Ononiwu, along with sister city committee member Major Ty Sorci and city management analyst Angela Frost, presented information about the Emir and his staff's desired March 17, five-day visit to Elk Grove.   
Emir Abdulmumini Kabir Usman

In laying out the details of the visit, which was likened to a state visit, Sorci discussed possible tours, security needs and diplomatic protocols that should be observed. 

"You refer to him 'as his royal highness,' every time unless he tells you otherwise," Sorci said. "Traditionally, he is royalty through bloodline."

Also discussed was the projected cost incurred to host the visit which Sorci said he and Ononiwu were working with various Islamic and Nigerian organizations to help defray the costs.

Sorci said the total hospitality cost of the visit would be approximately $14,800 which includes $2,000 for local transportation, $2,000 for lodging, $6,300 for food, $2,500 for security and $2,000 for receptions.   

"Give or take, total amounted need is about just under $15,000," Sorci told the council. "Now we are looking at various sources to do this, if there are any ideas from your point of view we would appreciate it."  

Neither Sorci nor Frost pinpointed an exact cost to the city during their presentations. 

During public comment Elk Grove resident Michael Monasky criticized the expenditure saying the money would be better spent helping local charitable nutrition programs. Monasky also pointed out the on-going human rights violations in Nigeria.

"Nigeria human rights record is abominable," Monasky said. 

Northern Nigeria, where Katsina is, has been the scene of increasing secular battles primarily waged on Christians by the radical Muslim group known as Boko Haram, which roughly translates as Western Education is forbidden, or a sin. Earlier this week Boko Haram allegedly staged an attack on a school about 680 kilometers from Katsina where about 40 boys were killed which brought the total deaths attributed to the group in Northern Nigeria to about 300 in February alone.    

During their deliberations the mayor and the council praised the efforts of the plan, but provided no further guidance. 

"I think this a great opportunity for us," Mayor Gary Davis said. "Just let me know how I can help."


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Anonymous said...

Just let you know how you can help? Help what Mayor Davis? Kill more children?

Anonymous said...

Earlier this week, Penny Beancounter wrote a sarcastic article because the city spent $29 on donuts, among other minimal charges for food that may or may not have been for city employees. That article spawned 15 comments, mostly agreeing that taxpayers should not be paying for food for city employees under any circumstances. If the city spends one penny of taxpayer money on this nonsense that benefits no one, not to mention the deplorable human conditions of this country, then insanity truly has taken over. $6300 for food for one week? That would feed my whole family for almost a YEAR. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Too late - the city already spent money on it by having staff research it.

Anonymous said...

EGN - A little bit of homework would reveal that Boko Haram is a rebel group, not representative of the government which "his royal highness" represents.
THAT SAID, I do believe it would be appropriate to consider the ant-gay laws enacted by the government.
I don't think this visit should be supported but what we see from reviewing the full recording, three councilmen (who seem eager for photo ops in an election year) are already jockeying for position.
Rethink this one, guys.....

Jill said...

After watching the video here it seemed like the Major was asking, begging for guidance from the council. He seemed frustrated, even exasperated. After his request, the council did nothing more than give the three an atta-boy. What about Trigg? No praise for staff guiding him?

There is something more going on here, but as noted above, this is already a done deal. What a waist of money.

Anonymous said...

And, lest you believe Katsana is NOT supportive of oppression of gay rights, I submit the following...
I'm a little surprised that our left-leaning leadership, Bera, Pan, Notolli is interested in shoring up the legitimacy of the leadership of Katsina.
If this visit happens, I'll be disappointed in our city, our leadership and I'll be happy to provide the gay rights protesters a few gallons of Starbucks coffee to keep them motivated.
Guys, do your homework next time and don't be puppets to party leadership.

Coffee Bean said...

It's a quid pro quo--today we lay out the red carpet for him, and tomorrow he lays out the red carpet for our visiting council members. This is why sister cities are a sham and a perk for traveling abroad on "official city business". Of course the State Department currently has a Travel Warning for Americans visiting parts of Nigeria, so don't buy non-refundable airline tickets for our future visit!

We wanted to be a destination city, here it is! Maybe he'll buy our half-built mall or some SOI property. As the Mayor is so fond of saying, "Elk Grove is open ofr business". Hay maybe we can add the Ukraine to our sister city network. Look at this quote from the news in the last few days:

"Speaking in parliament, Yatsenyuk said that the former government had left the country with $75bn of debts. "Over $20bn of gold reserve were embezzled. They took $37bn of loans that disappeared," Yatsenyuk said. "Around $70bn was moved to offshore accounts from Ukraine's financial system in the last three years,"

Anonymous said...

Now I know our city has gone totally insane. What's all this Sister City stuff....we have many sisters and brothers here in EG that have no shoes, coats or food in their bellies. Charity starts at home.

This little election ploy just lost my vote for any of you and to think you all have such little respect for our hard earned tax dollars to just throw it in the street on something like this.

Daktari said...

Notice there were no women in their entourage. Wonder if this will be an all-men event, a closed system. Are women treated as second class citizens in Katsina? Yep, let's spend taxpayers money on these guys, show 'em a good time in the Elk.

Ghost of Cano said...

Read this story from the link posted above:


If you click through to one of the stories from a Nigerian news provider you will see a story saying "Any woman who employed means of satisfying her sexual desire through bodily contact with another woman or otherwise, with or without her consent, that woman shall be liable to 14 years imprisonment together with N10,000 fine.”

With consent it says!


There is still time council members and Mr. Mayor to nip this in the bud. I suspect the Stonewall Democratic Club in Sacramento would love to hear about this. That will surely make Elk Grove a destination.


Anonymous said...

None of the council members had any questions after the presentation? How about this question: "Did we hear you correctly? Did you say $6300 for food for the week? Can you please break that down for us because everyone is wondering at this moment what that could possibly include."

Anonymous said...

Penny Beancounter is gonna have a field day on this one!

Anonymous said...

Steinberg and Pan ARE Stonewall Democrats (http://www.sacstonewall.org/about/local-elected-officials/)! Guess what - they are also named SUPPORTERS of this visit (See full recording for presentation where they are listed).
So, did Steinberg and Pan fail to do their homework or do they think we wouldn't notice?

Anonymous said...

Coffee Bean, you got it right, free trips and the good life for the city council. That's what it's all about. When will we get quality leadership? Not with this group and they don't care who knows it.

Anonymous said...

$6300 for food?!?! That's insane! Are they going to eat steak and lobster for 3 meals a day? We don't need to host this clown for a week. We have people here in EG going hungry, help them.

Anonymous said...

Wonder where they'll stop for coffee?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is just searching for another wife. His family history tells us they are not happy with just one---3 or 4 is more of the norm, which results in MANY children. Probably why he doesn't have the funds to pay his own way.

Hopefully the city will lock down their computers and double their anti-virus protection...Nigeria is on it's way and with our electeds blessings.

A PO'ed Elk Grove Democrat said...

This relationship is wrong on every level.

First there is the money being spent. It has been laid out by others here, so suffice it to say our taxpayers dollars are better spent say on helping in-need families through the Elk Grove Food Bank or any other charities.
Maybe the money can help the city's transitional housing facility.

Even if we were not spending a dime of taxpayer dollars, do we want to be associated with a person or government that is repressive? It is bewildering how the Mayor and Vice Mayor lacked utter curiosity about this matter.

Mr. Mayor and Mr. Vice Mayor, you are both sending the wrong message. Man up, if you can, bite the bullet and put an end to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, fellas
regardless of who foots the bill, you better back off this one. tell them you have a dental appointment or that your wife won't let you... or something -ANYTHING- but if you go through with this you're going to make yourselves look stupid (and the citizens by association). baaaad idea.

Anonymous said...

OK..perhaps the city will not "sponsor" the event using city funds....if they want "his royal highness" to visit our bedroom community, maybe Davis and Cooper can step up and use thier campaign funds to make it happen. Then when the prince gets here, they can visit EG park and then go home. What else would keep them here for five days? FIVE days?? Moving on to the politics of Nigeria, the council may want to "have staff" do a little more homework on the history and current political challenges of Nigeria. Seems we could "sister up" with some other country whose views more closely match our american way of life...instead of cozing up to dicators and haters. Boys, time to rethink this whole looney affair. This visit will bring more headaches than it is worth. The media will have a field day with us....

Anonymous said...

So let me see if I got this right. The Sister City Commission selects Natsina, Nigeria to be a Sister City of Elk Grove, then goes ahead and makes the invite to Your Highness, THEN comes to the City asking for money to pay for it? And somehow all the local Democrats have already endorsed it and this is the first we hear of it?


Silent Dogood said...

You all don't understand, the Mayor and Council are just being good stalwarts of our taxpayer money.

They each received an email from this Nigerian Prince stating he had hundreds of millions of untraceable dollars that he needed to get out of the country and would share with whoever was willing to help.

Just think of what our city's cut will be!!!

We can build the soccer stadium, water park, and mall, plus even a new six flags/marine world and it won't cost us anything.

Of course they had to give the prince the city's bank account information in order for him to complete the transaction...

"What, What was that you said Ms. Gill? The payroll checks all bounced? How could that be did we not get the transfer from Nigeria yet? Uh oh ummm it was Gary's idea!!!!"

Billy Bats said...

I can't decide if this story is better fodder for The Daily Show or Fox News. I suppose they could both use it!

Anonymous said...

Why would we support a country that violates human rights? In October, 2013 Nigeria faced a Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations, which sought to highlight her human rights record for the past four years. The areas where the country encountered problems are mainly her stance on death penalty, the violations of the rights of lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) torture, extra-judicial trials and killings.

It is beyond my thinking of why this small community would support such a country. My suggestion would be for our city to do a little research of their own and ask a few tough questions of the people who brought this before the council.

Connie said...

I think the world of Davies Ononiwu and we have partnered with him, and the late Newton Ekpo also from Nigeria, on several matter to make our city better, namely the Fatherhood Conference and the proposal to form the Multicultural Committee, which I wrote on Newton’s behalf. Both are very fine men and good citizens, but I cannot support Davies on this proposal.

Bainc said...

25 comments in about 12 hours on this article and I see zero support. This might be a new record for EGN comments. EGN is far from a perfect indicator of support but given not a single person has written a comment of support tells me something...The people you represent don't want this.

Anonymous said...

To your point. I'm no fan of EGN and their "news." BUT, when the "crazy people" are right, you've got to wonder who really needs to see the psychiatrist.
Rethink this one guys and ask yourself who "set you up the bomb." Bera, Pan, Steinberg and Notolli didn't do their homework and, if you don't stand up, you're going to take some serious heat.

Anonymous said...

To poster above, we are not crazy.

Anonymous said...

You got to be kidding me!

Let's host King Joffy Jofur Ruler of Zamunda while we are at it!


Anonymous said...

We should be looking at Sister City relationships with Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and other countries that can generate dialogue that will produce a stream of economic activity and bring in new businesses.

Look the large Japanese food processors that recently opened up facilities in West Sacramento.

What has Elk Grove come up with? A vacant mall?

The last that I heard Zamunda has not been doing all that well.

Anonymous said...

Sacramento has had numerous sister cities, some going back decades in the following countries. The list appears well-chosen, and Sacramento has much to show a visitor from another country:

New Zealand
South Korea
Palestinian Territories (Bethlehem)


Anonymous said...

It is well worth taking a moment to scan through the foreign sister cities which are on the list by US state and city within the state. Fascinating…


Anonymous said...

Tell Akeem to go back to Zamunda, we don't want the King and his bunch of entourage in Elk Grove

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point.

Remember the mayor was on KCRA last weekend pumping up the mall? Well this is our opportunity the mayor has been talking about.

Those emails from Nigerian Princes' flooding our in-boxes come from where...the mall will be a new call center just for that purpose. That is what the mayor and city council mean when they say the mall will be re-purposed!

Starbuck pack your bags, off to Nigeria you go!

The Prince of Elk Grove said...

Watch the tape and listen to Pat Hume's comments. Hume says he is "looking forward to hosting the king," or words to that affect.

Hume is a rich kid; so maybe the Prince of Elk Grove can pay the way for the King of Katsina!

Hume is up reelection this year. Women voters need not apply!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea;

Sell the Emir the Elk Grove mall.

He can build his American palace and why not throw up a theme park while we are at it?

Don't let Zamunda beat us to the punch!

Anonymous said...

So, why was this item on the agenda last night? It seems the entire fiasco has already been planned right down to the dates the king wants to visit. Why didn't city staff (Angela Frost) at least Google the leader; the city; united nations complaints; or a variety of catch phrases to get a feel for the King and his policies. I would be extremely ashamed if our city continues to support this leader and his human rights record. I cannot imagine what reaction the King would have given Sophia? A women of color who holds a position of authority? I doubt she would have been treated with the same respect as the men. In this day and age, this behavior is not acceptable nor should it be condoned. Reconsider this very bad decision and let's figure out why the horse came before the cart? Ms. Gill...where is your oversite on such matters? Where is YOUR leadership? Did you not have a clue about Nigeria? If not, your services should no longer be required.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the national media doesn't read these blogs. The conservatives at Fox would be rolling on the floor, and then after the laughing stops would be all over this like a wet blanket.

Imagine Bill O'Reilly;

Reporting from the podunk town, I mean up and coming city of Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what upsets me more is that our cities electeds look at us as nothing more than a bunch of undereducated morons to present something so stupid as this. Wonder how they'll look at the protesters lining the streets when that limo comes down Laguna lead by none other than our esteemed police department, followed by our city council waving the Nigerian flag on the way to the plush quarters at the Holiday Inn Express.

They should all be impeached.....take the city back. They get worse every day they're in office.

Anonymous said...

To 14:20 - How the King might have treated Sophia is what's bothering you about all of this? He probably would have been polite because we are feeding him $6,300 in food. But Sophia is no longer a person of authority and the King more than likely wouldn't be meeting her, so let's try to focus on the real issues here. This is crazy!

Ty Sorci said...

Thank you for your comments regarding the proposed Sister City relationship between the Cities of Elk Grove and Katsina.The Elk Grove Sister City Council was created by Elk Grove citizens that wanted to reach out and extend our friendship throughout the globe. Sister City International is an organization based in Washington DC for the purpose of fostering friendship to all Nations, regardless of the cultural differences.

By having these relationships throughout the globe, the people of the world can see the many things we all have in common.

The Nation of Nigeria has had a turbulent past; as all Nations have. In recent years there has been great progress in Nigeria. Nigeria is more stable now than it ever has been, specifically the City of Katsina in the State of Katsina. This is a very amazing place. The current head of the Katsina Emirate Kingdom is His Royal Highness Abdulmumni Kabir Usman. He is a very educated man in achieving a doctorate and is a man that is for the people he leads. He is a compassionate and humble individual.

He strives to make Katsina a more equal and equitable place. By the City of Elk Grove having a relationship with Katsina, it will help the great progress that is occurring at this time.

The members of the Elk Grove Sister City Council welcome all comments from all people and thank everyone that cares about this City and the endeavors of progressing the human race to a more promising future of equality.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call me directly.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you.


Ty S. Sorci
Chairman Elk Grove Sister City Council

Anonymous said...

Much respect, Ty...
Please show us where HRH has denounced the laws established by the state he rules relative to LGBT issues.
Please show us where he has denounced the violence and oppression of his neighboring states.
I get it... the US isn't exactly "clean" in it's human rights history. But, where is he stepping up to say his countrymen or even his subjects are wrong?
And then, give us a better accounting for how this money will be spent? In relation to the city budget, $14K is a pittance. But help us specifically understand why we should spend the money on entertaining a ruler of a city-state that has not renounced the history of violence and has not charted a better course for the future?
Noooo, I think I'd rather buy some local kids lunch.

Anonymous said...

Why Nigeria? What economic and cultural impact will they have on this city?

Why should the city spend the money to come here? The HRH should pay his own way.

What are the taxpayers? A charity for the rich?

Ty Sorci said...

Thank you all for your comments.

This organization is not a political one. We are about working together to build relationships that improve cultural understand ing

Anonymous said...

Building international relationships may be the theoretical goal of Sister Cities International, but scanning the actual countries chosen among the hundreds reveals more pragmatic choices. I encourage people to look at those hundred of choices and note which countries were chosen. I personally believe this organization is a valuable one, but I question the choice of Nigeria to be Elk Grove's first sister city. Interestingly, three other cities have chosen Nigerian cities as sister cities, but none of them as their first choice and all in CA - Compton, San Bernadino and Stockton. I wonder how those cities addressed human rights issues in their choice and how recently. Did the citizens of those cities have the choice presented as a "fait accompli", as our citizens have? This decision does not appear to be well thought out and a bit covert. Who among us knew there was an Elk Grove Sister City Council???

Ty Sorci said...

Mr. Anonymous,

The sister city council is also working with China, Philippines, and Italy.

If anyone is interested in assisting the cause of friendship please let us know

Nothing is hidden. Katsina will be the second city. The first was in El Salvador.

We welcome all comments at 9169966862 or EGSCC@hotmail.com.

Have a great weekend

Ty Sorci

Anonymous said...

Your plea of "if anyone is interested in the cause of friendship" makes the assumption that those of us who oppose this relationship to be opposed to "friendship" - which is fundamentally untrue. You continue to sidestep the central issue of continued human rights abuses and unwanted city costs.
You make the assertion that this is a cultural exchange and downplay it's relationship to politics. Given the STRONG support of local elected Democrat leaders (Bera, Steinberg, Pan, Notolli, etc), the situation can't help but be considered political.
This is wrong. You've said nothing to assuage our assertions of the human rights issues or the cost to the city.
This is not the right path, folks. Do not be surprised when the protesters come to town and we are made to look like fools.
Rejecting this isn't about being friends, it is about doing what is right.
City council, you need to put the brakes on this.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sorci,
I appreciate you coming on here, but you fail miserably at calming our fears about Nigeria's human rights violations and the killing of innocent children as linked above. You do not mention their objection to the LGBT community. I am sure Nigeria has made some small strides over the years, but clearly, not enough to cleanse their hands or persuade me to support this city sister idea. Nice thought, wrong county.

Daktari said...

Nigeria, plus two other cities, and the one we have make 5--just the right amount for each council member to get free paid vacations...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sorci, being someone who keeps up and attends many city meetings, this is the first I have heard of this Sister City Council. You say "If anyone is interested in assisting the cause of friendship please let us know." How about a little transparency here first...when exactly were we advised there was some discussion regarding making Nigera a Sister City and that you welcomed our feedback? As someone else stated elsewhere, this "Brings a whole new meaning of NIGERIAN SCAM."

Anonymous said...

Having searched the cities web site numberous ways I can find no mention of the Elk Grove Sister City Council. Perhaps Mr. Sorci you could help me out here with how I can find who the members of this council are who represent us and when & where meetings are held for our feedback. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Boko Haram is located in the northeastern states of Nigeria and is considered a terrorist organization. Its name means "anti-western". It opposes education and is anti-government. They were responsible for the murders of the 60 school boys just days ago.

The country of Nigeria is not the Boko Haram, but itself has strict anti- gay/lesbian laws with extremely stiff penalties.

The dilemma, it seems, is how to reach out to countries with different values than our own and where to draw the limits.

The US clearly has sent strong messages to Russia when our officials to the Olympics were largely comprised of a group of gay/lesbian persons. And, Uganda has been highly censured for the enactment of extreme anti-gay policies.

Yes, this IS political, not as in Democrat/Republican, but as in the politics/government/law of countries.

This should not have been a "done deal" without input/research from citizens. If we had known more about Nigeria, we might have been OK with the choice - or still opposed it. Again I ask, who knew this decision was in the making???

Anonymous said...

You'll find mention of it in this agenda from August 24, 2011. http://www.elkgrovecity.org/documents/agendas/attachments/attachments/2011/08-24-11_10.4.pdf

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the video of the above mentioned meeting and heard no mention of making Nigeria a Sister City. Cities mentioned were in Italy, China, Canada & Phillipines. Mr. Sorci, what caused you to jump from Italy...your passion, to Nigeria? That would have been one we most likely could have supported.

Forks and Spoons said...

A punishment for him to visit elk grove is for the KING to stay in motel 6 and hire him some prostitutes to bathe him. Isn't it cheaper? Why not not join him Mayor Gary?

Jack in the Box said...

Here are a few money saving and tour ideas for the Emir.

For breakfast, why not swing by the mayor's coffee kiosk. The mayor can serve up some coffee to the Emir from a Gay-hating state of Kastina. The mayor can give it to him free that way he can wash his hands clean of this proclamation of changing the world one cup at a time. Wait, why not charge the Emir double the usual charge, he is a tourist to this destination city, and donate all the proceeds to the families whose kids were slaughtered in Northern Nigeria earlier this week.

Next up - lunch. Any ideas? Perhaps Gil Moore's development for some Elk Grove haute cuisine, McDonald's and wash it down with some Colt 45 from the beer cave.

Penny Beancounter will be proud!

Anonymous said...

As an example the Richmond Sister City Committee Program Objective can be seen below. Where can I find Elk Groves?


Anonymous said...

This is from Elk Grove's city website:


Jeff O. said...

The city council represents the voice and the interests of the people who live here. They do not think for us nor should they assume our opinion and support of an idea.

I do not oppose sister city programs, if they are vetted and make sense for the community and it is a benefit to both cities, then it's worth exploring. I'd personnaly like to learn more about how Concepción de Ataco, El Salvador was selected, how our relationship is going and what can be learned from the experience before selecting another city.

What I find troublesome is that there were no questions asked by council, only support and praise without public input. Surprising that council normally wouldn't open this up to public comment.

Did anyone on the council do any homework before commenting? If so, enlighten us to what you found. Could they have just said, thank you for the presentation and information, before we take a stand or comment either way we need to have staff do further research and open this up to the public at the next meeting.

In this case the way I see it, we will welcome the Emir with open arms and embrace someone it appears we know very little about, except for some disagreeable things happening in his country. This just doesn't make sense, it's another example of council first thinking.

Back to the basics, focus on city infrastructure and pressing needs and not be districted or waste any funds or staff time outside of this.

This is not the time to ignore your citizens and get distracted by pageantry.

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove's new theme:

Welcome to Banana Republic!

El Salvador?


What about China, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Zamunda for starters.

Anonymous said...

"Interestingly, three other cities have chosen Nigerian cities as sister cities, but none of them as their first choice and all in CA - Compton, San Bernadino and Stockton."

Wow that puts Elk Grove up there with

San Bernardino

I guess the sister cities that a city has is a reflection of how others view the city.

This place is becoming a laughing stock.

Ty Sorci said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All activities and proposed cities have been proposed by citizens of elk grove. We have kept the city in the know on all issues. We will continue to work with all.

Please remember that international policy is not a goal or issue that Sister City international is about.

We just want to build bridges and create friendship.

Again ask me for any information you would like. EGSCC@hotmail.com or 9169966862.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Johnson said...

No, you answer the questions already asked. Friendship is not the issue. What authority did you have to extend an invitation to these people? If you kept the City informed as you claim, then City staff has to step up and answer why this was sprung on us at the last minute!

The Fox said...

Once again, staff knew about this ahead of time. They had to. Angela Frost was the first to speak. But it appears the council did not.

Just like the other aquatics park. Laura Gill knew but didn't think that the council needed to know and they had egg all over their faces.

This seems to be happening more and more. And unless the council puts a stop to it, they are going to continue to look like fools!

Bainc said...

This is getting ugly...

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to backtrack to the genesis of this idea. The slide presentation for the council meeting said "The Sister Cities Council approached the Elk Grove City Council with a request to pursue a relationship with the City of Katsina, Nigeria." Did that actually happen and when? Keeping in mind that the slide presentation also said that there was support from other local politicians and that turned out not to be true. In spite of the good intentions of the Sister Cities Council to simply get to know each other's cultures without any political agenda, this has turned into a gigantic fiasco with statements by both Mr. Sorci and Davies O. that were not true. If you watch the entire segment of the council meeting, you will hear a statement that Mr. O contacted the staffs of the local politicians and that is apparently not true. And Mr. Sorci apparently thinks that casually mentioning it to someone during a parade and getting a typical politician's nod and smile constitutes their support. There is egg on everyone's face!

Anonymous said...

What is that big white thing in front of us?

(Lookout on the Titanic)

Anonymous said...

WOW...getting to this a little late. After watching the entire video, what I am most disappointed in is that Mr. Trigg, probably the most educated person on the dais when it comes to pure "education and knowledge" did not speak up. All of his years in the education business and he didn't know/care enough to educate the other members of the council. As usual, Davis barely looked at Trigg and passed him over because (I believe) Davis see's Trigg as having no value (which is somewhat true). Just disappointed that the most educated person did not bring a stop to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Oviedo!

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