Early Edition - Chaires, Ly Asked About Positions on Proposed Soccer Stadium, SOI in Elk Grove

March 11, 2014 | During tonight's meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, Elk Grove City Council District 4 candid...

March 11, 2014 |

During tonight's meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidates Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly made presentations regarding their candidacy's.

Below, listen to the candidates answer whether or not they support the city building a professional-grade soccer stadium and if the city needs to expand.

Check back tomorrow for videos and complete coverage of their presentations.

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Naomi said...

These answers show the need for new people with new ideas to step forward and run. Both candidates just confirmed "more of the same."

Anonymous said...

"More of the same" to me means more sprawl, more subdivisions and more low income housing projects.

Bob L said...

Yeah, just what we need!

Why can't someone think outside the box without breaking the bank?

Let's build / or NOT build something reasonable that is truly extraordinary and something that we can all be proud of. Is it really that hard?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the duplicate post; I meant to post the following here:

Most of the sheep, I mean voters in Elk Grove are so absorbed in their iPads, children's activities, shopping, etc. that sadly they will just vote for the incumbent.

Whoever posts the most signs will win.

Whoever has the most money will post the most signs.

Whoever has the most money to fund those that will post the most signs will determine the future of the city.

Who has the money?

The developers.

What is the most likely fate of Elk Grove?

More boring subdivisions, strip centers and low income housing projects coming down on Elk Grove.

Destination City?

Yeah right, let's paint the first housing project purple like Barney the Dinosaur for people to come from around the region to look at.

Sprawling subdivisions are a dinosaur in a world of rising gas prices, lack of water, congested roads, smog.

Didn't the city learn from the last housing crash?

"In the Franklin Reserve neighborhood of Elk Grove, California, south of Sacramento, the houses are nicer than those at Windy Ridge—many once sold for well over $500,000—but the phenomenon is the same. At the height of the boom, 10,000 new homes were built there in just four years. Now many are empty; renters of dubious character occupy others. Graffiti, broken windows, and other markers of decay have multiplied.

Susan McDonald, president of the local residents’ association and an executive at a local bank, told the Associated Press, “There’s been gang activity. Things have really been changing, the last few years.”


Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Thanks for posting this tape. I am truly astounded how weak Mr. Ly's answer to the soccer stadium was. You get the impression he had no clue whatsoever. At least Ms. Chaires was clear in her answer.

As for the SOI, I suspect both of these candidates will be suckling at the teet of the developers. So much for the Democrats being "Green".

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ly hasn't a clue about the workings of the city and will have to take his guidance from city staff or Mayor Davis...much as we have seen with Mr. Trigg except for a different counselor, Mr. Hume.

Ms. Chaires, quit soft-pedaling it, just go for the juglar and let it bounce where it may. You're smart and know what is good for the community and how to arrive at that position. I may not agree with you, but respect you more for it and think you may even respect yourself more for having done that. I think we're all tired of people playing circles around the issues. But then, what do I know? Just a little old taxpayer watching my monies go down the drain from bad decisions made by our electeds. Fire it up Nancy and speak for the people.

We need a community forum where the tough questions are asked of the candidates and no soft pedaling allowed. Wishful thinking on my part, probably not going to happen...LOL

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