Elk Grove Small Business-Owner Daniel Jimenez Enters City Council Race

April 8, 2014 | For Elk Grove small business-owner Daniel Jimenez, the creation of new jobs is not something that is accomplished by pl...

April 8, 2014 |

For Elk Grove small business-owner Daniel Jimenez, the creation of new jobs is not something that is accomplished by placing advertisements in Texas’ newspapers, but through recruitment of growing regional companies.

A lifelong Sacramento and Elk Grove resident, 32-year old Jimenez expressed this and other thoughts regarding his candidacy for the Elk Grove City Council District 4 seat.   

Jimenez, who last week formally entered the race, noted that running a small business and creating jobs is not some abstraction for him. As the co-owner and founder with his wife Meghan of Elk Grove-based Above and Beyond Cakes, the Jimenez' launched their enterprise two years ago and have seen a steady increase in business since.

Elk Grove City Council Candidate Daniel Jimenez. 
The bakery, which specializes in custom cakes for a wide variety of businesses, has grown in that short time from just him and his wife, to three full-time employees during their peak season, which is now through October.

For Jimenez the most pressing issue for the city is jobs which he said is not just a local challenge, but a statewide challenge.

“The reality, creating a job is not easy,” Jimenez said. “I know that from first-hand experience.”

One key to bringing jobs to Elk Grove Jimenez said is to have the proper infrastructure in place. “You are creating support systems for the future,” he said.

Noting the City of Elk Grove’s recent newspaper advertisement in Houston in hope of recruiting new businesses, Jimenez said that idea would be fruitless given that state’s more business-friendly environment.

“So to think that we are going to attract business from Texas, I’ll be very, very surprised if we do,” he said. “Instead we need to start with local businesses that are established businesses.”

Jimenez also said long-term high quality employment will come from production jobs, not service or retail-based employment.

“If you are not producing a product, then you are not really creating a long-term job,” he said. “If we are stuck in a consumer economy, nothing is going to grow.”  

Jimenez also said he opposes the construction of the proposed taxpayer-funded professional soccer stadium based on several factors, including potential cost to taxpayers.  

“Where is the money going to come from,” he said. “We are going to create, what 200 jobs at minimum wage, part-time, because no one want to pay for health care.”

 As for his fledgling campaign, Jimenez said he will seek campaign contributions and will focus on rallying other small business owners and small donors. Initially Jimenez said he will use social media to help spread his campaign message.  

Jimenez, who with his wife have three sons and fourth on the way, is also an active member of  Elk Grove’s Laguna Sunrise Rotary club.  

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Jughead said...

Daniel sounds like he might be a good alternative to the circus that is developing between Nancy and Steve. I think I need to check Yelp to see how their cakes taste!

Jesus said...

This must be wonderful news to Camp Nancy and their Latino supporters.

Daniel Jimenez said...


Thank you for recognizing my value as a good alternative to our current candidates. One of my reasons for running for city council is the fact that I'm sincerely disenchanted by the "circus" that has developed and continues to grow. I bring to the table a no nonsense approach to politics and business. If you have any questions for me or my platform please feel free to email me at djdist4eg@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Daniel Jimenez

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