Elk Grove Athlete Appears in Top 10 World Ranking

July 15, 2014 | An Elk Grove-based professional athlete has broken into the top 10 worldwide rankings recently. According to the ...

July 15, 2014 |

An Elk Grove-based professional athlete has broken into the top 10 worldwide rankings recently.

According to the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF), professional waterskier Brian Detrick is now ranked eighth in the sport's slalom classification. Detrick’s recent performances have moved him up ten places on the IWWF Elite Skier List since the onset of the 2014 season. The Elite Skier List is determined solely by tournament performances. 

“Brian is skiing really well right now. I’ve watched Brian develop through the boys and junior’s ranks, always knowing that he had the talent and skills to make it as a top-notch professional slalom skier and he’s there now," Paul Crawford, Centurion’s Boats Director of Three Event Skiing said. "Centurion is proud to have a quality skier like Brian using our boat to perform at such an elite level.”

For the 2014 season, Brian Detrick placed second at the Australian Open and at the prestigious Moomba Masters he took third, both scores helped him improve his Elite Skier World ranking. 

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian...you make Elk Grove proud.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian, I have watched you compete in Elk Grove sports since you were 10 years old in baseball and have followed you with your High School sports. You always gave 110% when you were on the baseball field or the basketball court. It is no surprise that you are in the “Top 10” of your sport of waterskiing! We look forward to reading more about your accomplishments!

Lost My Lunch said...

Seriously? Where are all the other articles about the accomplished young athletes in Elk Grove?

Oh that’s right, their father isn’t on the Elk Grove City Council who puts self promotion above all else. Isn’t it bad enough we have to hear Detrick brag ad nauseam at council meetings, now we have to read it too!

Both Detricks need to take a lesson from Tim Howard about being humble regarding junior’s so called mediocre accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lost, being ranked 8th in the world at anything is not what I'd call a mediocre accomplishment. That's a very competitive sport. That is a great accomplishment.

Notwithstanding, yes, I agree he and his dad and are over the top in self-gratification. There aren't many people so accomplished that demand so much attention to themselves (I'm talking about Brian or his personal advertising campaign, I think of Neon Deion, or more recently Lindsey Lohan or the Kardashians). That's it, Councilman Detrick is Kris Kardashian!

Dad Detrick is not accomplished in much, in fact I'm afraid history will place him in a very poor light when it comes to Elk Grove history generation(s) from now. He gave up our future for the draw of the big bucks and a little local notoriety.

Congratulations, Brian.

Bubs Admin said...

ditto Anon above

Anonymous said...

Some people are simply jealous...they are Lost.

Anonymous said...

EGN, Please keep posting good articles like this of National and World accomplishments by people from Elk Grove, otherwise we would have never heard about this. Congratulations to Brian

Jughead Jones said...

Good job Brian. Can I buy you a milkshake?

Anonymous said...

Very cool and I'm not hating on the accomplishment but I can't help but think growing up with a waterski lake in your backyard kinda helps.


Steve L said...

Congratulations Brian.

Anonymous said...

The Elk Grove Citizen also did an article this past Wednesday and said he was skiing in Colorado on the 23rd. I have not been able to find the results. Does anyone have them ?

Anonymous said...

I saw post on Instagram and Facebook that Detrick took 1st place in Colorado and is the "2014 Western Regional Men's Slalom Champion". Congratulations Brian

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