'Women For Nancy' Holding Fundraiser For Elk Grove City Council Candidate

July 25, 2014 | With just one woman having served on the Elk Grove City Council in the city's 14-year history, a group of area women...

July 25, 2014 |

With just one woman having served on the Elk Grove City Council in the city's 14-year history, a group of area women is holding a fundraiser in hopes of changing that.

On Tuesday, August 5, a fundraiser for Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires will be held at Logan's Roadhouse in Elk Grove. Chaires is one of five people currently vying for the District Four seat that will be vacated by Bob Trigg.

Among the numerous hosts for the event is Olga Batey, a well-respected longtime Elk Grove educator and Democratic party activist.

For more information or to RSVP for the event, contact Teresa Rodriguez at 916-606-3905 or ttmrodriguez @ gmail .com.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch that Teresa Rodriguez (who works for Mayor Gary Davis) is the person who is putting on this event for Chairs? Didn't Davis dump Chairs in place of Steve Ly? Yet Davis's staff member (who owns a fund raiser company) was hired by Chairs to put on her event? Chairs is a smart lady who is using Davis's own staff to help bolster her own financial stake in this race. I find it extremely ironic! And funny. Davis must be a little pissed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that too. Being a Chaires supporter and wanting to attend this event I just felt uncomfortable calling Ms. Rodriguez to RSVP. Most likely the hosts of this event hired her and didn't realize there could be a conflict as mentioned...OR maybe NOT and it is just me.

Freedom to Support My Candidate of Chose said...

Or maybe Ms. Rodriguez is free to support whomever she chooses; as city policy dictates and no elected official can interfere.

And maybe Gary Davis has enough respect for Ms.. Rodriguez that he would never stand her way of her freedom to support whomever she chooses.

And what makes you so sure she was hired and isn't just donating her time to Nancy Chaires?

Anonymous said...

I called in my RSVP to Ms. Rodriguez and asked her the question posed. Ms. Rodriguez does not own a fund raising business, but does own an event planning business. Two different things. Or rock on and on ad nauseum. Misogyny is not attractive.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are drinking the Kool Aid again. Statements like "Davis respects Rodriguez that he would never stand in her way" is really quite naïve of you. Davis would sell his mother if it helped him (or his cronies) win an election. He is calculating and arrogant when it comes to politics.
If Rodriquez's business is somehow supporting or helping to elect a person Davis despises, watch out. Pay back will be a @itch. Got nothing again women or Rodriquez or Chaires; just find it interesting who is in bed with whom when it comes to politics.
Davis has become a disappointment for many who supported him way back in the day.

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