Elk Grove's MLS Bid Trumped? Letter of Intent Signed For Railyard Soccer Stadium

September 17, 2014 | The Sacramento Business Journal broke a story this afternoon that the Sacramento Republic FC has signed a lett...

September 17, 2014 |

The Sacramento Business Journal broke a story this afternoon that the Sacramento Republic FC has signed a letter of intent to build a 20 to 22,000 seat soccer stadium on prime real estate - Sacramento's railyard development.

As part of the letter, the ownership group now includes owner of the railyard, Larry Kelley, whose share of the team is contingent on Major League Soccer (MLS) granting an expansion club to Sacramento.

The move by the Republic FC trumps the one strength the City of Elk Grove, who is also competing for the MLS expansion franchise - a clearly identified building site. The MLS has long said they desire locating stadiums near urban centers.

The announcement comes on the eve of the MLS's visit much-heralded visit to Sacramento and Elk Grove to scout possible site. The Sacramento region is in competition with Las Vegas, Minneapolis and San Antonio for an expansion franchise. 

This was not the first time that Sacramento concerns have trumped Elk Grove in the race to land a MLS franchise. On the same in December, 2012 where Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis announced MLS's interest in the city, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced the establishment of the team that became Sacramento Republic FC.  

The instant success of Republic FC helped draw attention away from Elk Grove's bid.

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Ashton Kutcher said...

Punk'd again! I am sure Fabian Nunez had a great time spending our $100K; and worst of all, he sold that bill of goods to the city council.

This was slick willie con job from the start.

Egg facials all the way around!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, saved our Financial lives. That's what happens when you have economic nutjobs at the wheel.

Now lets get back to covering those utility boxes with art..something we CAN maybe afford.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps running a little Koffee hut is the best use of the mayor's experience.

Anonymous said...

Look at the design concepts that the City of Sacramento has proposed. Why isn't Elk Grove running rendering of the Elk Grove soccer stadium in the newspapers? They have no concept of how to market Elk Grove. Wasting taxpayers money is the only thing that the CC is good at. Another $100,000 spent plus SOI $1,000,000 plus + $700,000 for the Splash World and who knows how many more dollars have been wasted. Maybe the City Manager should recap all the wasted spending over the past 5 years so we the tax payers can see what a failure the City Council is. Pat, is the City going to start building homes on the new 100 ac. site you had the City buy? I am sure you have plans to build a couple of soccer fields for the kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that the vice-mayor and the developer will be giving the presentation to the MLS officials here in Elk Grove. Perhaps thinking to further his political career. What happened to our Mayor...the person elected to run our city.

Hopefully this meeting will be recorded by the media, otherwise we will never know the truth as to what was said and how our future was sold by some nutjobs (borrowed from above). Sorry, but I am one in many who no longer has any trust in our electeds.

Anonymous said...

A agree that a MLS was never behind the purchase of this land, simply because Homeland Security would never allow that to happen because of the Propane Tanks. It's not even good for locating sports fields for our children. The fire dept. didn't even give the
Mall a 100% pass and it's even further away. So what idea did our elected developer have in mind...homes? That could be since the city has no problem locating seniors, apts. or homes close to the tanks...easily disposable!

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little faith. Just because Sacramento has a better plan, better, leadership, and an actual shot at getting a MLS team does not mean we are not going to build our stadium. It will be built at tax payers dollars and it will serve Grace Roast coffee at every event.

In Elk Grove we plan for the future and don't take no for an answer.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry EG, I am sure you will more than make up for any lost revenue with your red light ticket scam.

Anonymous said...

What a let down that will be for the MLS when they roll into EG this morning for a secret meeting at some undisclosed location and the people can't even have the drums rolling to welcome them...IT'S A SECRET! Only in EG would something like that happen. Probably meeting at Graces Coffee so Davis can get some more free advertising.

Anonymous said...

Thank God! We don't need a financial disaster in Elk Grove. What were Elk Grove's plans for an empty stadium after the sucker team went BK? Raise our taxes to pay off the stupid bond!

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