Elk Grove City Council District 4 Candidates Offer Views, Opinions in Forum - Audio

October 10, 2012 | The four candidates seeking the District 4 seat of the Elk Grove City Council answered questions and explained their...

October 10, 2012 |

The four candidates seeking the District 4 seat of the Elk Grove City Council answered questions and explained their positions on a host of issues at a forum conducted last night at Elk Grove City Hall.

Sponsored by the Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove News, candidates Nancy Chaires, Daniel Jimenez, Steve Ly and Nayyar Sarfaraz answered a host of questions ranging from the city proposals for a soccer stadium and aquatics center to their stances on red light cameras.
Steve ly (l), Nancy Chaires, forum moderator Elk Grove
Council member Pat Hume, Nayyar Sarfaraz and  Daniel

Below is a recording of the entire forum. A video of the forum in its entirety will be posted in the next few days

In addition to this event, all four candidates will appear at the League of Women's Voter candidate forum tomorrow afternoon. That forum will be held at the Sacramento County Administration Building, 700 H St., Room 1450, Chambers of the County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento. The Elk Grove candidates will appear between 3:15 and 4:15 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice to hear first hand from the candidates. IMO, I would say that with the content of the answers, knowledge of the issue and overall presentation, I would rank the candidates as follows:

1st - Nancy Chaires
2nd - Daniel Jimenez
3rd - Steve ly
4th - Nayyar Sarfaraz

Anonymous said...

When asked about the Whitlock/Hwy 99 interchange Mr. Jimenez turned the question around to auditing cell phones at city hall. What? I liked the guy but I've never seen him at any committee meetings, the Planning Commission, or Council Meetings. That goes for Ly and Sarfaraz too. Do they even know the issues in Elk Grove?

At least Nancy knew about the issue of adding the interchange w/o destroying Elk Grove Park. I suggest any candidate read this blog/newspaper, the citizen, and look at EGO from time to time to at least know the issues.

Anonymous said...

It was clear to me that Nancy Chaires was head and shoulders above the others.

My Vote is Not For Sale said...

Steve Ly is now giving people a gift of a plant with a “Vote for Steve Ly” flyer. I see that as buying votes and very unethical!

Bob L said...

Jimenez did a pretty good job. He's a small business man and could offer a new point of view for the council + he's not a career politician (as in Chaires, Ly).

I think I'm still writing in Jeff Owen for Dist 4. He's the best choice by far. Pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Bob L. I second your opinion...I feel that we need a new perspective on the council...not a career politician nor someone who has never even attended a council meeting! I will write in Owen's name too...wish he would've run!!!

Mad Hatter said...

I can tell you who I am not voting for - Steve Ly. Right now it is a toss up between Nancy and Daniel. I hope to hear from Daniel. I like the fact he is in the private sector as a business owner.

Lynn said...

I will be writing in; Jeff Owen! I wanted to stand up and say to Nancy if you are for infill and increase density how come on pc you voted to down zone civic center apartments that are in the path of light rail? How come you missed the SEPA vote? Yes you are a bright Democrat hispanic woman however your voting record does not convince me that residents best interests are at heart. A "hybrid plan" for SEPA does not sit right with me... This would be a new face and business as usual.

Sharon Andrews said...

I completely agree with Lynn on this. The big complaint in EG is sprawl, constant rezoning, and extremely poor planning. Nancy Chaires is charismatic, articulate, and knows the issues perhaps more thoroughly than her opponents -- and she should since she's been on the Commission for 12 years -- but that puts her at the very heart of the problem, and we've all seen the results! Haven't we?

Isn't she at least partially responsible for the debacle we're now calling "The Outlet Mall at Elk Grove"? And is it not, after all, the very recommendations from her commission that the CC acts on with regard to everyt development project in Elk Grove? Isn't the CC little more than a rubber stamp in that regard? So what am I missing something here?

Someone please explain to me why they think she would act any differently if she were elected to the CC? I just don't get it! Is it because she's a familiar face? Is it because she knows the issues -- Again, should we reasonably expect anything less of her after 12 years? -- and can speak articulately about solutions? What she proposes on the campaign trail doesn't amount to a hill of beans, and everyone knows that by now, surely!

Frankly, I believe she's a big part of the problem we're having with development in Elk Grove. Electing her to the CC isn't a realistic solution. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

To Sharon above.
Chaires has only been on the PC for almost 7 years now...not 12.
Also, the PC reviews projects for technical issues and recommends to the CC. the CC has on many, many, mnay occasions dismissed/ ignored the PC recommendation. The CC does what it wants without regards to what the lowly PC say..
That being said, Nancy is exactly the person we DO NOT need on the council...she is a politician from head to toe. Her husband is a politician from head toe. They have motives we do not yet understand or know. What we need is a new, bright face...a non politician who is bright, local, and not afraid to speak his/ her mind.

I liked Mr Jiminez. A family man; someone who has no developer money in his pocket. A sincere individual. Someone that knows what small businesses need/want to survive. He has a lot of learning to do; but I'd rather have a learning curve than a bought and paid for politician.

(by the way, Steve Ly is not a deserving candidate when he bails out on an elected position to run for another elected position. And clearly, he has attend little to no council meetings; so his motives to me are very, very suspect. I've heard it said that he loves the spot light (AKA Detrick) but doesn't like to do the work (never attends the meetings).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with SA & Anon. 10:49. Ly is a Davis clone and we sure don't need two of those on the city council. Not sure yet if it's Jiminez or write in Jeff Owen. I do know, it's time for change and it can't happen too soon.

Anonymous said...

Might not matter who gets elected.

Elk Grove is a sprawling mess and the damage has already been done.

Anonymous said...

Not voting for Ly because he did not keep his word of fulfilling his four year term on the School Board.

Not writing in Owens. Easy to speak and say what people want to hear when you know you don't have a snowball's chance of being elected as a write-in.

Not sure if I'm voting for Chaires. I have been watching the PC meetings online and overall I like the way she deliberates. Not necessarily her votes, but I do understand why she votes the way she does.

And by the way, she hasn't been on the PC for 12 years. Learn your history.

I'm not voting for the other two gentleman either. Just not impressed with their knowledge or answers. So I just may leaving that slot blank.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest citizens of Elk Grove. Does it really matter which one of these people gets elected? It's just going to be the "same old, same old" anyway. It's basically going to be the same council with a member changed out. The agendas will continue to be the same as they have been with little regard for the direction our city is headed and A LOT to do with what the individuals on the council want for themselves. Our city is a mess. I feel almost embarrassed to live here. It's time to start truly caring about the citizens of this community and work towards common, realistic, attainable goals. Not stupid MLS stadiums nor "destination city" antics!!! Let's work to make Elk Grove a city that the citizens can work in, live in, and be proud to call home. Stop embarrassing this city with glossy eyed dreams and start making it the city I choose to call home!!! Not voting for any of these people...just not impressed with the lot of them...SO SAD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not happy with any of the candidates running and that includes ALL. So what do you do in a case such as that and vote. You take a gamble for change and do a write-in...Dist. 4...Jeff Owen, Mayor...Lynn Wheat, Hume..Leo Fassler.

Anon 14:08...Nancy didn't come clean with the Whitelock Interchange...the city is playing "hide the ball" here. The developers want a full on overcrossing…with bike and ped access..but cars too. Remember, what developers want, developers get. $$$$ Better attend the open house on this... October 29th and ask the hard questions.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 15:03 ~ CalTrans won't allow a half interchange (S/B off ramps with N/B on ramps). It's against their design standards. I've read on some other sites about having only S/B off and S/B on ramps as those would only be on the west side of the freeway and have not a bridge and therefore no impact to EG Park. But that does nothing the relieve traffic on E/B Elk Grove Blvd trying to get on N/B 99.

Nobody is hiding anything about the Whitelock Interchange. There will be no vehicle access from Whitelock to East Stockton Blvd or Elk Grove Park. Only access from 99 to Whitelock. That's been made very clear. Also, it's approx 2.7 miles between Elk Grove Blvd and Grantline Road. Expecting people to drive 1-2 miles south to Grantline Road when they want to go N/B on 99 isn't exactly making our city more liveable. That might work now with little to no traffic in the SEPA/Mall area but those roadways will be busy in 10 years.

Connie said...

I think Daniel Jimenez did a fine job on the questions for someone from whom we haven't heard much. I know he is active in the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, but that is a one segment of the citizenry.

Mr. Jimenez was well spoken and clearly intelligent. He would do very well with a little more experience on governmental issues. He also appears to be an independent thinker.

I am supporting Nancy Chaires, and in the event she wins, I would like to see Mr. Jimenez apply for the planning commission.

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