Major Pothouse Bust in Elk Grove, Sacramento

October  10, 2014 | Yesterday morning Elk Grove Police participated in a large scale marijuana grow-house bust in Elk Grove and Sac...

October 10, 2014 |

Yesterday morning Elk Grove Police participated in a large scale marijuana grow-house bust in Elk Grove and Sacramento. 

There were a total of 11 suspectes arrested, two of which were Elk Grove residents. 

Detectives served search warrants at 11 locations, 9 of which contained indoor marijuana growing operations. Detectives arrested 11 suspects and seized over 2400 marijuana plants along with approximately 20 pounds of processed marijuana, packaging materials, and over $62,000 in U.S. currency. The locations are as follows: 2800 block of Prado Lane (Davis), 7500 block of Muirdield Way (Sacramento), 2300 block of Craig Ave (Sacramento), 2300 block of Kenworthy Way (Sacramento), 7600 block of Walsh Way (Sacramento), 7400 block of Willowwick Way (Sacramento), 1500 block of Glidden Ave (Sacramento), 1700 block of S Street (Sacramento), 400 block of Little River Way (Sacramento), 2200 block of Wyda Way (Sacramento), 10200 block of Vespas Way (Elk Grove). 

Below is a list of the arrested suspects.

Suspect #1: YU, GUNHONG (AMA, 63, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #2: MA, GUO (AMA, 43, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #3: CHEN, XUEXIANG (AMA, 46, ARRESTED) (Elk Grove resident) 
Suspect #4: LIU, RONGGAO (AMA, 46, ARRESTED) (Elk Grove resident) 
Suspect #5: CHANG, ASHLEY (AFA, 40, ARRESTED) (Davis resident)
Suspect #6: RONG, XILAI (AMA, 70, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #7: CHEN, JIN (AFA, 57, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #8: LUO, XIN (AFA, 47, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #9: OU, NATHAN (AMA, 25, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #10: ZHOU, QIZHEN (AFA, 63, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 
Suspect #11: QIU, JIAN (AMA, 41, ARRESTED) (Sacramento resident) 

The suspects were processed then transported to the main jail. 

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Anonymous said...

Stronger neighborhoods

Connie said...

This goes with the city's new Economic Development Corp. campaign, "It's Grow Time!"

I am not kidding and the city has the green headbands to prove it.

Didn't anyone research that saying? What's worse is that on Facebook people are making fun of Elk Grove because of all of the pot houses in our city thinking the new motto very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

It's Grow Time!!!!

Yours truly,

Gary D

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