Fong Snags Endorsement of Former Sac Sheriff McGinness

October 22, 2014 | Darrell Fong snagged a major law enforcement endorsement yesterday in his bid for the California Ninth Assembly ...

October 22, 2014 |

Darrell Fong snagged a major law enforcement endorsement yesterday in his bid for the California Ninth Assembly District seat.

Fong, a current Sacramento City Council, was endorsed by former Sacramento County Sheriff  John McGinness. Fong, a 30-year retired veteran with the Sacramento Police Department, is facing fellow Democrat Jim Cooper, a 30-year veteran himself with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

"Sheriff McGinness' record of leadership and service to the County is unmatched," Fong said. "I will work hard to live up [to] his high standards of integrity and courage,"   

McGinness served one term as Sheriff from 2006 to 2010. Since retiring after one term, McGinness became an adjunct professor with California State University and a local talk radio host. 

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Tom W said...

This doesn't bode well for Councilman Cooper. His former boss McGinness endorses his competition. These law enforcement guys consider themselves "family."

When the patriarch endorses someone outside the family it must be for good reason. Also, there must be good reason why Cooper, who has been much more visible to the public for years lost the Sheriff's race to lesser known Scott Jones.

Cooper's lacsidasical attitude toward council matters over the years also hurts him. He puts in as little time as possible on council matters, that's been known for years.

He's on the public service gravy train. Time for him to ride off into sunset after his last two years are up on the council.

Anonymous said...

This endorsement comes as a last ditch effort by the Fong campaign to garner law enforcement support because he has none, his own police department doesn't support him, his own colleagues on his city council don't support him.

Cooper has clearly shown that he is supported by all law enforcement including 3 former Sacramento County Sheriffs including; Robbie Waters, Glen Criag, and Lou Blanans and current Sheriff of San Joaquin County, Steve Moore.

Vice Mayor Cooper has served Sacramento county with pride and honor for 30 years and Elk Grove for 14 years. Remember folks, Jim has been re-elected 4 times. I am proud of Elk Grove and the city it has become.

I believe Jim Cooper will make a great addition to the State Assembly.

Silent Dogood said...

To anon 0954
That is a good one. Cooper serving with Pride and Honor. Cooper does not possess the ethic or morals to be allowed to represent anyone.

Remember he lost both votes for Sheriff, both the primary and general. The unions are not supporting Fong because he voted to change the pension scheme. He knew that the status quo was going to bankrupt the city.

Ever wonder why Cooper has bounced from assignment to assignment with the Sheriff's office? maybe because he keeps getting caught and re-assigned.

If you want an Assembly Member with Morals and Ethics there is only one choice Darrell Fong.

Phuong Trinh said...

Jim Cooper has been heavily involved in the community and understands that it is vital to invest more in schools, job training, and mentoring programs to keep kids advancing in the right direction. He serves on the boards of the Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers, Big Sisters- focusing his volunteer efforts on helping at-risk youth. Furthermore, Elk Grove was recently cited as the 10th safest mid-sized city to raise children in the nation and with his 30 years of experience in law enforcement, his 14 years on Elk Grove City Council, and as Elk Grove’s founding mayor, I feel that Jim Cooper is largely responsible for the contribution to these rankings. In comparison, what has Darrell Fong done? I don’t believe that he has the experience and a track record of getting things done. Why is it that his own Councilmembers and fellow police officers don’t support him? During his time on the city council, he has voted no against every major infrastructure and job plans brought before him on the city council. I live in the Pocket and Darrell Fong promised when he was running for city council that he would not run for higher office, yet two years after becoming a Councilmember, he started campaigning for state assembly. How can we trust Darrell Fong when he is not a man of his word? He evidently only ran for city council in order to use it as a stepping stone for State Assembly. Since Fong was a Councilmember, crime rates has gone up in my neighborhood and I do not believe he is the right choice to represent us in the 9th Assembly District. This is why my vote is with Jim Cooper for State Assembly.

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