Elk Grove Moves to Quash 'Happy Endings,' Set to Stiffen Regulations on Massage Parlors

December 7, 2014 | When the Elk Grove City Council convenes this Wednesday night, they will consider placing a 45-day moratorium on the...

December 7, 2014 |

When the Elk Grove City Council convenes this Wednesday night, they will consider placing a 45-day moratorium on the establishment of further massage parlors in the city.

The move comes as a result of legislation recently signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown that enables greater local jurisdiction over the standards for massage parlors. Prior to the passage of Assembly Bill 1147,  standards were largely established on a statewide basis.
Massage parlors like this one on Elk Grove-Florin Road
could face closer scrutiny by the City of Elk Grove.  

According to a staff report, last year Elk Grove Police investigated three local parlors that allegedly were a front for prostitution activities. The investigations determined that the three unnamed businesses were involved in prostitution.     

One of the locations investigated was also with allegedly to be involved in human sex trafficking. The victim in that incident was turned over to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Criminal charges and business license revocations were initiated in all three cases. Two of the parlors have reapplied under claims of new ownership but were found not to have new owners.

Placement of the 45-day moratorium on new massage parlors will allow the city time to review and possibly stiffen regulations as permitted by AB 1147. Currently there are two new ownership applications pending with the city with at least 24 business license holders in Elk Grove city with "massage" in their title.

Sacramento is considered a hub of human sex trafficking, and by some measures is the second worst city in the nation.     

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Anonymous said...

Come on, give them a break. They bring in tourist dollars & when they get one of those lighted 100' signs on the freeway, maybe with a girlie on top, this city will be cookin'. Can you imagine what kind of draw that would be? Make the Olympic Aquatics Center and MLS look like peanuts.

In fact, we have the perfect spot at that Sheldon Complex. Just throw a tent over the whole thing, very convenient..right off the freeway. In and Out in 30 minutes and with some great paying jobs too. Finally our answer to more better paying jobs..right Davis & Ly?

Anonymous said...

Let's put in a huge indoor shooting range and gun store. That will bring in a lot of sales tax revenues.

Pugsley said...

me luv you long time

Anonymous said...

Was the play on words, "Stiffen Regulations" intentional?

Miss Cherry said...

I worked with survivors of human trafficking, and we did our own investigation as to which parlors are actually prostitution/trafficking instead of legitimate massage . Most of them were prob doing illegal activity. You can see their ads on backpage.com, sit in the parking lot for a few hours and notice cameras, girls being driven to work in vans and not leaving building until closing time, and other big duhs that they are selling sex. Maybe if we spent some city money on having police shut all these places down, prostitution wouldn't be so rampant in our neighborhoods and sacramento wouldn't be #2 for child sex trafficking in the country...maybe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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