Region Builders, Jackson Properties to Hold Fundraiser for Elk Grove Council Member

January 15, 2015 |

This morning Region Builders announced what is believed to be the first major political fundraiser of the new year for any of the Elk Grove City Council Members. This first of the season fundraiser is for newly elected Elk Grove City Council Member, Steve Ly.

Sponsored by Region Builders and the North State Building Industry Association, the event will be held at 9245 Laguna Springs Boulevard. Some of the sponsors include M&H Realty Partners, Sacramento Association of Realtors and Richland Communities.   

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, it sure didn't take very long for him to start sucking the cash out of the developers' teats.
25 days, 17 hours, 04 minutes...

Sarah Johnson said...

Well, Well, Well, what a surprise NOT! Absolutely disgusting! So disappointing to see this!

lynn said...

Known as a complainer and not heard by council I really cannot add anything to comments here other than to say developers and apathy rule

Anonymous said...

Isn't M&H suing the city over the mall issues?

Ly is accepting benefits from a developer that is suing the city he represents?

Does anyone see a problem with this? - This is just so wrong.

No ethics, no character, no moral compass. Welcome to Elk Grove politics.

Anonymous said...

What a hick city!

A city by the developers, of the developers and for the developers.

This place is going to look like Turlock or Modesto in a blink of an eye. Flat boring ugly sprawl with garish highway signs, fast food joints, strip malls, etc.

Elk Grove, south Sacramento, south.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:21....yes, you are correct. Our newest city councilperson accepting contributions from a developer that is suing the city he represents. Sooo wrong on every front!

Anonymous said...

Is this not a violation of our cities ethics? This should result in disqualification from local public office or in the very least a public apology for his lack of ethics.

Anonymous said...

Sticky ethics for sure. But, I believe there is precedence. I'd have to go back and look at the 460's but, if memory serves, one of the other councilmen accepted donations from another litigant.
Just remember Elk Grove... you voted for this guy! (What? You didn't vote? Well, you get what you got then!)

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Anon 14:46, You are correct. Companies who litigate the city regularly contribute to the council members. From the council members point of view, it may push the ethical envelope, but in their mind, money is money. Aside from M&H, Reynen & Bardis, both of whom are litigating the city to recover some fees, have been giving to our council members on a regular basis.

Howard Beale said...

But first, Elk Grove, get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT!"

Diana Christensen said...

You nailed it Howard!

Anonymous said...

More sprawl.

More bland houses.

More high density low income housing projects.

More crime.

More shoplifting.

More armed robberies.

More shootings.

More car jackings.

Show me the MONEY!

Anonymous said...

The Hmong Dynasty will keep him in office for a very long time!

Anonymous said...

Just a guess, but don't you imagine they approached Mr. Suen first and being the professional he is, was turned down? Having a Fundraiser so soon after being sworn in as councilperson just seems to be nothing short of greed for the almighty dollar and also before the type on the M & H Realty lawsuit had dried.

Anonymous said...

What's so surprising here! Steve "Man of My Word" Ly has to rebuild his war chest for 2016 when he decides because "people asked him to run because of the lack of leadership" for the next higher office.

So who is going to be the next target of Ly's political ambition: Cooper and the Assembly seat, Bera and the Congressional Seat or Davis for the Mayor of Elk Grove?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Elk Grove where the ugly spoggy sprawl of Phoenix blends together with the crime of south Sac.

Anonymous said...

What shocks me most is that Mr. Ly is either callous to or ignorant of the latest political term of "optics." Yeah, yeah, you aren't doing anything wrong, Mr. Ly, but the appearances are that you're running straight to the money. So, what is it? Are you dumb or don't care? I don't think you're dumb so that only leaves the "don't care" option... and that's what's most disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I agree this looks bad but nobody in Elk Grove cares except for the few people who read this site. Voter turnout was pathetic this past year and as Lynn has mentioned before whomever has the most lawn signs (or house plants) wins.

Anonymous said...

The City's adopted Code of Ethics clearly states that a council person has a responsibility to avoid actions that might cause the public to question his or her independent judgement. Guess Mr. Ly has already violated our code of ethics.

Kenny Rogers said...

Let me re-quote the song "the Gambler", "Son, if you're gonna play the game, you're gonna learn to play it right." Remember, if this kid can win at city council with pennies from his lowly Hmong community, imagine what he could do with monies from the big boys?

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