Craig to Leave City of Elk Grove For Vacaville Chamber CEO Position

March 23, 2015 | The Reporter in Vacaville reports that Rebecca Craig has resigned her position with the City of Elk Grove. Acc...

March 23, 2015 |

The Reporter in Vacaville reports that Rebecca Craig has resigned her position with the City of Elk Grove.

According to the story published this evening, Craig is resigning her position as the city's Assistant City Manager to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce. Craig has been with the city for eight years first serving as finance director before assuming her current position in 2010.

According to the report, Craig will take the reigns of the chamber on April 13. Craig's resignation is the second departure from the ranks of the city's executive team in the last three months. 

In late December, Christine Brainerd resigned her position as the city's Public Information Officer to take a similar position with the City of Folsom. Additionally, last year Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner was a finalist for the City of Seattle's Chief of Police but lost out to another candidate.    

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Freddie said...

How many more employees have to leave before the Elk Grove City Council finally gets the memo?

Rebecca Craig leaving to go to a smaller city, leaving city government, for what has to be lower pay at a smaller chamber, not to mention the benefits, should wake them up. But then again if it doesn't, what kind of hex has Laura Gill put on the city council.

Or can those five men not see what many people have seen for years regarding the current city manager?

“And another one gone, and another one gone.
Another bites the dust!”

Anonymous said...

Two in three months & one maybe still shopping....looks like they're dropping like flies. Think maybe we might have a problem at city hall?

Anonymous said...

This City Council needs to look no further than Gill. Ms Gill stripped this once high performing organization down to nothing. All tip toe around wondering when her next outburst will be. All who interact with her look for new jobs. It is not your typical hostile work environment but quietly hostile, killing everyone softly until they move on, move out, or even step far down in this case, to get out from the dysfunction and chaos that happens behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Taro Echiburu ..didn't he leave last year?

All the signs have been visable for those who once attended all the city council meetings that there is a disconnect at city hall..the city of Elk Grove is broken and we have no one at the helm with the expertise or will to fix it.

Do residents think their city is as smart as city official do? Probably not and that may mean that cities and residents don't agree on what it mean to be smart. Our council has STARTED many costly projects without ever considering if a wide cross-section of citizens really want them. Plus, as you know, none are ever finished! Just my 2 cents.....

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

While I don't disagree with the comments posted above, I have a different view on the dynamics.

As noted in the Vacaville story, Ms. Craig has a CPA license. From what I understand, the exam for a CPA is harder the California Bar exam, which is one of the hardest in the country. Perhaps Ms. Craig is bailing out now to protect her reputation, and more importantly, her license.

More to the point, although Ms. Gill may not be the most popular person around, lets not forget who she gets her marching orders from. On at least two occasions in the last several months Ms. Gill has publicly stated the wobbly nature of the financing for the aquatics center and soccer stadium. A shell game was used to pay for the Grant Line road acreage and at the same time we roads cannot be maintained and suddenly there is a financial "problem" with our ETran service.

As Mark Felt said told Carl Woodward, "Follow the money." In Elk Grove's case, follow the shell games, smoke and mirrors.

Whether Ms. Gill has hex on the council or not is irrelevant. If she does, it is still the responsibility of the council to show leadership, which is so obviously lacking. Ms. Gill is not the problem, the problem is our council members and mayor.

Anonymous said...

Our Mayor and council members are what's wrong with Elk Grove. They have a complete disconnect with leadership and the people and what it takes to make Elk Grove a Smart City. Except for maybe one, they have been bought by "big money" and if continued we'll have hugh financial problems.

Anonymous said...

In a city manager form of government, the city manager is the top dog! And something is amiss here. We got a glimpse of it when employees came forward years ago and there was an investigation. Some employees even went outside of city government to people who weren’t beholding to Gill to get help.

After members of public found out, they insisted on an investigation. We were told publicly from the dais it was handed “behind closed doors,” and “changes were made.” But employees started exiting anyway. So did anything really change or as posted above, it became “quietly hostile.”

The city of Elk Grove pays some of the highest salaries in the region. Not to mention the benefit packages; so why top level employees are exiting again is a big red flag.

In my opinion, the council knows and they just don’t know how to handle the situation because they might be fearful to find another city manager. What is that they say, “Better to stay with the devil you know.” But at what price? We have lost some excellent employees and it appears that some of the new hires aren’t as qualified. In the opinion of some, Gill has also made some bad hires as well. Starbuck? Former transit manager? Budget managers have come and gone, as did the HR managers.

Apparently Craig was the buffer between Gill and the rest of the staff. With no one to protect them now, may be they will be brave enough to finally speak up. If they don’t, then they will have to continue to work in what appears to be a very unhealthy environment, or leave. Not that easy.

If you have ever worked in a hostile work environment, but need the high-paying salary to support your family, it is not an easy decision to leave. But when your health and your family life starts to suffer, you know you have paid the price!

Pogo said...

Expect leadership from this council. Gimme some of that stuff you'll are smokin!

When viewing the Elk Grove City Councilman, this is what we see.

First there are the two Dolt Brothers - one Republican, one Democratic. The "Steve's" have Texas sized egos along with Rhode Island sized intellects. A dangerous combination if there ever was one.

The smartest guy in room is the greenfield developers brought and sold councilman through and through.

There is a blank slate too. How long until his metamorphosis happens? Once he starts soliciting campaign funds?

Then finally there is the insecure one who cooks up misguided projects hoping to be "liked" by everyone in town. Maybe he ought to drop out of politics and "laser focus" on his side business instead.

Yes, there is a leadership vacuum in Elk Grove, but honestly folks, we of the apathetic public are perpetuating the situation.

"We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us"!

Anonymous said...

I agree in most part with all of the above. Our Economic Director has not been replaced...Planning Director is not highly experienced...have no one with financial expertise now, but we do have
Mr. Dobbs at $500. a hour to lend his support and expertise. Not to worry!!!! Plus never forget...
Mr. Detrict said he worked 2 full-time jobs now, one being as councilperson. Worries me though that he's only getting 4-5 hours sleep a night.

Lynn said...

Benjamin Willard; I agree with your description of what is going on! Pogo good description too.

To the above regarding the planning director; He is a great guy, very personable and knowledgable in civil engineering, however a planner he is not! Our previous planning director had a little more experience, however his background was in environmental documents. How can I say this; just take a look at the civic center apartment complex...he decided this one.

I have been ignored when I discuss the financial situation of our city. But no fears here this council is working it to make sure measure A is continued and another tax placed on the ballot to pay for the roads....Do not believe those Republicans sitting up there are against taxing us!

Follow the money;
Corrupt as Bell, Bankrupt as Vallejo

Warren Buffett said...

They will get a new City Manager the day Region Builders says they want one and not a day sooner. They have probably already submitted a short list of preferred Becky replacements!

Bob L said...

Looks like trouble in paradise.

When the only accounting and finance professional leaves a great, job with great benefits for a lesser paying and lesser benefited job it usually means there's trouble ahead.

She's likely bailing out before she ends up with dung on her face and her reputation smeared due to the stupidity of our city council. We may be headed for bankruptcy as some have warned and Craig sees the inevitable coming.

No we have absolutely no one on staff with a finance background and a CPA designation. Check it out on the city website if you don't believe me. No good can come of that.

Pogo said...

The timing of her resignation is also very curious. If my memory is correct, she'll be leaving just before the budget is unveiled.

Anonymous said...

If she values her CPA licenses and I'm sure she would, she has to separate herself from anything that could cause a complaint to be filed. Now does that mean something is going on at city hall that could be a threat...I have no idea, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if there was.

But then again, maybe it has become such a hostile environment to work in that a pay cut is worth it. I'm just a taxpayer and I can't stand to attend the city council meetings anymore, less stressful to just watch them from home with full control of the clicker.

Connie said...

What concerns me is that Becky Craig was the top level city manager in charge of the aquatics center. As we know, the cost override to build the center is currently 3 million dollars, using up all 14 million dollars that was put aside for the entire civic center. P3 International defaulted on securing the financing which was part of the $700,000 feasibility study. Equally important, the city cannot find an operator who will take on the project.

Clearly a lot of work has already gone into this “pet” project and if the staff person with all the experience is leaving, who is going to inherit what can only be called a financial disaster?

One has to wonder why Craig didn’t want to stay to see her hard work become a reality. Could it be she knows something of which only the rest of us have speculated?

Anonymous said...

Trivia question... How many assistant / deputy city managers working for Ms Gill have resigned since she arrived in our city?

Anonymous said...

It would be my hope that at least 3 of our electeds would see the light and know that an "Olympic" Aquatic Center and MLS Stadium are pie in the sky things and vote them down. It's also time to be upfront with the people and stop these feasibility studies that we don't have the monies for. Why do they keep leading the people on about a Veterans Hall, Senior Center and Animal Shelter? The rate they're going SEPA won't have a chance and you sure as heck are not going to get those jobs here. They don't go to a city with our track record..too risky! .99 cent store will be more our speed.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to hear Gills spin on this tonight.

Anonymous said...

Yea, me too Anon 13:03. Popcorn anyone?

lynn said...

I won't be able to bring popcorn tonight. Hope someone can

Anonymous said...

All it takes for city council is to call a few of the many managers that have left under Gill. Oh sure some days she's the hee haw sweet as pie southern belle. Others she is lashing out at her staff, screaming, swearing, verbally bashing. No one is loyal to her. We all pretend. Especially this last one to bite the dust.

Anonymous said...

All it takes for city council is to call a few of the many managers that have left under Gill. Oh sure some days she's the hee haw sweet as pie southern belle. Others she is lashing out at her staff, screaming, swearing, verbally bashing. No one is loyal to her. We all pretend. Especially this last one to bite the dust.

Anonymous said...

Looks like The Reporter in Vacaville and EGN upped the city in that announcement. Probably too focused on "Destination".

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