Elk Grove City Council Reverses Planning Commission, Approves 99 Cent Only Store

March 26, 2015 | The Elk Grove City Council reversed the decision of its Planning Commission and unanimously approved a rezone that will...

March 26, 2015 |

The Elk Grove City Council reversed the decision of its Planning Commission and unanimously approved a rezone that will pave the way for construction of a free standing 99 Cent Only store on the city's north side.

The 3.48-acre parcel, which is on the corner of Brown and Elk Grove-Florin roads was zoned as office. When the Elk Grove Planning Commission heard the matter they rejected by a 4-0 vote the City of Commerce-based retailer's request to rezone the parcel to retail citing the availability of existing space in the city and security concerns.
Site map of the 99 Cent Only Store approved by the
Elk Grove City Council. 

During their presentation, 99 Cent representative Will Judy acknowledged they were poorly prepared for the Planning Commission and attempted to address some of the concerns conveyed at the February 5 meeting. 

"Unfortunately we did not properly introduce ourselves to the planning commission at a previous hearing," Judy said.

Addressing the planning commissions concern about the availability of existing retail space in the city, 99 Cent's real estate Representative Rick Martinez of CBRE said there is no space suitable to their needs currently available in Elk Grove. Martinez went on to say that CBRE has calculated the retail vacancy rates in Elk Grove to be 5.8 percent. 

During their deliberations, the council discussed several aspects of the proposal including the wages paid by company, how many employees will be employed, security concerns, and numerous design elements. 

Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Ly indicated his support for the plan noting they will bring new jobs, albeit at minimum wage, and construction activity. Ly also expressed sympathy for 99 Cents' experience with the Planning Commission. 

"Quite frankly, they [99 Cent] feel they have been blindsided," Ly said. "That's the part I'm a little uncomfortable about." 

In his comments, Vice Mayor Pat Hume defended the Planning Commission and corrected Ly noting that  99 Cents' denial was not a case of being blindsided.  

"I appreciate councilman Ly's comments, I don't think they were blindsided, they did not do their due-diligence on the front because they didn't realize they had a contentious situation," Hume said. "Anytime you ask for an entitlement change, you should know there are two ways that could go."

In their discussion leading up to the approval, the council directed the Planning Director Darren Wilson and Police Chief Robert Lehner to work with the applicant to improve a number of design elements that will improve its aesthetic quality and enhance security.  

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Anonymous said...

This sounds very strange...applicants now have to go through Police Chief Lehner for approval. Now things are really getting convoluted here in Elk Grove. Best he just sticks to what he was hired for, the Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but is the best we can do? Steve Detrick said last night that he is tired of Elk Grove being treated as the "bastard child."

Well, IMO the city council just proved why Elk Grove is the region's dirty little secret by this vote.

Another example of the council talking out of both sides of the their mouths once again.

Want to bet the contributions were flowing in?

Matt Foley said...

I suspect if they wanted to build in the faux-rich side of Laguna, they would have been shot down so fast, it would have made your EBT card spin. I also suspect that Steve Lie did not come up with that term "blind-sided" on his own. It was probably the term used by the applicants when they met with him beforehand. All's well that ends well--I just wonder if Ami Bera will be at this grand opening too?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this guy can be recruited to come here as part of the city's plan to make Elk Grove a fitness destination!


lynn said...

Rezones and general plan amendments are the way of our city council. Just ask the developers who fund campaigns. The PC is just there because it looks good, however it doesn't look so good when they did not get the message on how to vote on projects.

Anonymous said...


Says alot about our Ghettolicious community AKA South Sacramento south or North Stockton north.

I wonder if the City Council would let me build an indoor shooting range and mega gun store.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that Elk Grove city council is bring such great paying jobs and high end businesses to town...how many "dollar type" stores does this town need....sad all we can attract are Smart and Finals; Dollar Trees, 99 Cent stores....Truly reflects the leadership of this council....they are all slapping themselves on the back for bending the rules so we can have a store that presents a "security concern" for the chief of police; but hey, we need the minimum jobs and more 99 cents hair brushes and pony tail holders. Such a CLASS ACT>

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