Elk Grove City Council, Mayor Comment on Relationship With Cosumnes Community Services District

March 27, 2015 | VIDEO Included At their Wednesday night meeting, members of the Elk Grove City Council discussed how to pursue its...

March 27, 2015 | VIDEO Included

At their Wednesday night meeting, members of the Elk Grove City Council discussed how to pursue its relationship with the Cosumnes Community Services District.

The comments came in the wake off a suggestion that Elk Grove explore a merger of services with the CCSD. The conversation starts with Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill asking for clarification of how it should list this goal as part of their list of two year imperatives.

To clarify what his thoughts on the matter are, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis submitted the following comments highlighted in blue  in references to comments he made around the 2:30 mark of the video posted here.

From Mayor Davis:

In the past few years the partnership between the City and CCSD has been solid. So much so that we have partnered on many endeavors - including a shared landscape services contract. Rather than the City and CCSD having separate contracts, we came together and did one. The net result has saved Elk Grove taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently, the CCSD has rejected structuring a similar contract for copying services. Even more recently they rejected the City's offer to utilize City Council Chambers to, instead, spend money to build one at the Wackford. Obviously the CCSD has no obligation to partner with the City on these items. However, by not pursuing this partnership, taxpayer dollars are being wasted. This concerns me and I look forward to discussing with CCSD leadership. 

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Anonymous said...

I think our Mayor is roasting more than coffee.

Oh Boo Hoo the CCSD won't play with us.

What is he talking about? The CCSD has plenty of facilities that they own and control, why would they use the City facilities. Let's clarify a couple of things.

First, the CCSD is meeting at the Pavilion at Elk Grove park, not Wackford. They did meet at Wackford one-time for an emergency meeting but that was it.

Second, Mr. Davis have you ever heard of insurance? The CCSD has insurance on their properties. All commercial policies cover loss of use and relocation if the building is damaged and can not be used. CCSD is not building a new facility or new Board room they are utilizing their existing property and being provided equipment by their insurance company to continue operations.

Does Mr. Davis believe that just because he is Mayor he can say whatever he wants and it makes it true. How can our Mayor misstate the facts without any reprocussions?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Davis quote, "by not pursuing this partnership, taxpayer dollars are being wasted". How laughable....there's no one a bigger waste of our taxpayer dollars than our city council.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Strange as it sound, to me it appears Mayor Davis wants this drama to be dragged on a little longer. Why you may ask?

It is a pretty good way to divert attention away from your own shortcomings. For example, will we hear the mayor talk about the MLS franchise? Will we hear about the cost overruns on the aquatics center? Will we hear about the cost of the Veterans or Senior centers? How about the soccer fields and stadium?

In my analysis, Mayor Davis is trying to shift attention to some other person or entity, and what better way than to characterize the Cosumnes Community Services District as the local entity being wasteful with taxpayers dollars. Classic switch and bait scam. Don't buy it!

Anonymous said...

If anything, the CSD should be running the City of Elk Grove-- NOT the other way around. CSD is a model of reasonable management and living within means. The City of EG should be focused on what they were designed to do when they incorporated-- build and fix roads, building inspection, planning. How and why did olympic pools, MLS soccer, and country western concerts come into the equation.

Anonymous said...

Please Mayor Davis, leave the parks district alone. You've already screwed up so much in E.G. Leave the one good thing we have alone!

Anonymous said...

I have a question.
I understand that Mayor Davis touted the pedestrian bridge as one of the 'city's' accomplishments for this past year.
Can someone please tell me who were all the entities involved in its design, financing and building?
Wasn't the pedestrian bridge and trails enhancement a collaborative project involving much more than the 'city'?

Anonymous said...

At the council treat, all Ly talked about were schools. Hume stepped into it regarding the CSD and then was smart enough to step out. Now Davis thinks he can run the CSD better than the CSD.

And after what Davis and Ly said right after the State of the City Address, it appears that both are “bored” with official city business. Maybe it is time they just retire their seats.

Davis, upon finishing his State of the City speech, while his lavaliere microphone was still on, stated loud and clear, “That was one of the most boring ones I’ve done.” Immediately Ly responded, “I was wondering when it was going to end.”

Some citizens are wondering the same thing regarding their respective political careers!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:34....Not sure where all the funding came from in the end, but here is the letter to SACOG from the city in 2007 asking for funding.

Found a little more info....Federal and state transportation grants supplied more than $6 million of the project’s costs, said city officials. Elk Grove picked up the rest of the tab.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/community/elk-grove/article2597051.html#storylink=cpy

Arthur Flegenheimer said...

Thank you for your twisted logic about wasting taxpayers' money, Mr. Mayor.
There have been other comments on this post critical of this logic of yours.
I'd like to add that maybe Grace Coffee could share the drive through lane at the new Dutch Mafia Coffee establishment.
Think of all that wasted capital from an under-used drive-through lane.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many feasibility binders CCSD has sitting on their shelves. How many unfinished malls; how many aquatic parks studies (Oh wait, that's right, CCSD doesn't want to have anything to do with an aquatics park...they know it's a losing proposition); how many 100 acres of land, purchased by borrowing money, to have sitting idle? Mayor Davis, why not worry about YOUR job and let CCSD do theirs. They certainly don't need leadership like yours mucking up their successful business practice. I do believe this is a "bait and switch" game the Mayor is playing....he is trying to divert our attention from this councils inability to get anything substantial done....but hey, let's try pointing fingers here, there, everyone....

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