California Fair Political Practices Commission Names New Enforcement Chief

June 9, 2015 | The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced today that a new Chief Enforcement Officer has ...

June 9, 2015 |

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced today that a new Chief Enforcement Officer has been appointed.

The new chief of the state's political practices watchdog is Galena West, who has acted in an interim role since the March, 2015 resignation of former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Gary Winuk. 

“I’m extremely pleased to announce Galena’s appointment to this key position in the agency,” FPPC Commission Chair Jodi Remke said. “Galena’s knowledge of the Act and her unparalleled experience overseeing many of the most challenging cases demonstrates her commitment to promoting the public’s trust in the political process through tough but fair enforcement of serious violations. I’m confident Galena will reinforce California’s role as a national leader in the regulation of governmental ethics."

West takes over a battered enforcement division that has suffered a series of embarrassing errors during Winuk's tenure including Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. 

In Detrick's case, the FPPC admitted it did not properly document the council member's claim that he repaid his campaign fund the $93,500 the FPPC found he illegally used for personal purposes. In the Reed case, the FPPC fined the mayor $1 for an illegal transfer of $100,000 of campaign funds, but was forced by the California Assembly to pay his $106,00 legal fees after it was determined there was an absence of malice in the transfer.        

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Anonymous said...

"a series of embarrassing errors during Winuk's tenure." It's obvious someone was asleep at the wheel, but that doesn't excuse Mr. Detrick telling an untruth. Still waiting for an explanation........

Anonymous said...

Asleep at the wheel, or feathering his nest?

Do You Smell a Rat said...

Something is rotten in Denmark. . . or is that Elk Grove!?!

Former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Gary Winuk is a seasoned pro. He was FPPC Enforcement Chief for over five years. The cases mentioned in the article were rookie mistakes.

Begs the question: Will Steven Churchwell, Esq. be announcing a new law partner in a year or so?

Anonymous said...

13:27 Yea, that did run through my mind.

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