Elk Grove Neighborhood Summit Participants Hear, Discuss Different Services in Elk Grove

October 1, 2015 | Before a standing-room-only audience, The City of Elk Grove conducted its second annual neighborhood summit las...

October 1, 2015 |

Before a standing-room-only audience, The City of Elk Grove conducted its second annual neighborhood summit last night.

Held in the City Council chambers at Elk Grove City Hall, the meeting was emceed by Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis with Council Member Steve Detrick and Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease also in attendance. In his opening statement, Davis praised the large audience for their interest in participating in the meeting.

"Thank you all for being here tonight," Davis said. "The fact that you are willing to come here, speak volumes about who you are as a community leaders."

Following Davis' comments, the participants heard presentations on the city's general plan, water conservation and the drought, storm preparedness, public safety, problem-oriented policing, and code enforcement. 
Participants rate their neighborhoods in several different
categories at Wednesday night's Neighborhood Summit. 

Not surprisingly, the conversation about the drought and its effects seemingly generated the most interest. Presenting information on water usage and conservation efforts were the two agencies serve to Elk Grove - Sacramento County Water Resources and the Elk Grove Water Agency, who were represented respectively by Forrest Williams and Ellen Carlson. 

Carlson and Williams both said users in each district have met conservation goals established by Gov. Jerry brown but warned that further restrictions noted could be enacted. Following their presentation, Carlson and fielded several questions including whether or not there might be building moratoriums. 

Williams said that was up to municipalities but noted the City of Folsom recently had to use auxiliary pumps to draw water from Folsom Lake as the water levels have fallen below intakes. Coincidentally, in spite of low water levels, the City of Folsom recently approved 10,000 new housing units.

Also making an impromptu appearance at the summit was Assemblymember Jim Cooper. A former Elk Grove City Council member and the city's first Mayor, Cooper, whose district includes portions of Sacramento and Lodi and all of Elk Grove and Galt, praised the city council, city staff and the high level of resident participation at the meeting. 

"You have a good thing going here in Elk Grove," Cooper said. "Elk Grove is a good place to live."


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Anonymous said...

First of all your picture of me clearly shows I need to lose weight so thanks for that. I was very disappointed by last night's "summit".

In the past the participants were able to provide input and feedback to the city. This year they turned the summit into an EGPD Citizens Academy Lite.

If you graduated from the academy in the past, most of the information presented was old news. My biggest challenge during the meeting was trying to stay awake. It didn't surprise me to see a decent percentage of attendees leave before the meeting ended.

I've attended every summit meeting, and I've always come away believing that I wasn't wasting my time but not this year. If this is how these meetings are going to be in the future, I've definitely attended my last one.

Proud to be led said...

Thanks for the write-up, wish I could have been there. I get kind of giddy thinking about all the leaders that took the time away from their busy schedules to turn out for the meeting! I know our town and our neighborhoods are in good hands!

Anonymous said...

What, no more water?

Elk Grove, ghost town of the future?


Keep on building more rooftops.

Empty the groundwater table.

Watch the land sink.



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