GAME ON! Folsom Mayor Accepts Gary Davis' Thundering Herd vs. Bulldog Football Challenge

December 3, 2015 | 

As a matter of civic pride and good natured rivalry, Folsom Mayor Andy Morin has accepted a challenge laid down by Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis regarding this Saturday championship football game.

The game, the San Joaquin Division I Football Championship will pit the Elk Grove High School Thundering Herd against the Folsom High School Bulldogs. The game, with a 6 p.m. kickoff, will see two undefeated teams with 13-0 records face off at Sacramento State's Hornet Stadium.

Yesterday Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis took to twitter and issued a challenge to Morin - the winning team's pennant will fly over the city hall of the losing team. 

In accepting the challenge, Morin said he has contacted Davis and both will be in attendance at Saturday's game. Davis did not respond to an email request for comment on his challenge or to lend support to the Thundering Herd. 

Morin noted both teams are of high character and great coaching, but noted, "Of course I strongly favor our Folsom Bulldogs."


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Proud to be led said...

With all of Mayor Davis' past Cordova High football experience, I hope he is on the sidelines to help serve as an advisor to Coach Nixon.

Anonymous said...

I think an "Ice bucket challenge" would have been more fitting.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

With each passing day, it has become crystal clear that Mayor Davis is trying to associate his name with something, anything successful in Elk Grove. So why not jump on the Thundering Herd bandwagon. Let's hope he doesn't jinx it like so many other things he and the city council have in Elk Grove.

Ironic? said...

Davis doesn't like public schools. Homeschooling for his kids until his eldest began attending COHS. Maybe because "those kinda kids" don't go there? He prefers Charter Schools that can be selective and "elite" to keep them out. Bandwagoneer, just another label to add to the long list.....carpetbagger, elitist, .....

Anonymous said...

I attended all the games to watch my grandsons and the great team achieve their goal of making it to the championship game against Folsom. I don't remember seeing Mayor Davis at any of the games. So let's check the record of both mayors to see how many games each Mayor attended. Does anyone know? Mayor Davis 0 Mayor of Folsom ? Qy

Embarased again said...

Nothing ever changes here. Again, EG is a day late and a dollar short. Folsom beats us again.
Maybe we should challenge Acampo to a competition.
We've got to win at something, right? ...I mean something good, not bad.

Anonymous said...

What a giant surprise. Some gimmicky hoopla that backfires a giant embarrassment.

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