Bureau of Indian Affairs-Public Hearing; Wilton Rancheria Fee to Trust and Casino Project

By Lynn Wheat | January 30, 2016 |

Last night I attended the public hearing regarding the Wilton Rancheria Fee to Trust and Casino Project held at the Chabolla Community Center in Galt.

Several individuals representing local government agencies spoke on the project not offering a position but simply saying they had been in conversation with the Miwok Tribe. As an actively citizen engaged in matters affecting our community, I was surprised to hear Elk Grove’s Economic Development Director Darrell Doan say the city has been talking to the Miwok tribe and Howard Hughes Corporation as well as evaluating the environmental impacts and the project site. With this said, his closing comment was the city of Elk Grove has not taken a formal position on the project.

I believe Alternative F, “the mall” site, is important as this does involve our community. Our City Council members must have been notified at an earlier date of Alternative F and yet no one made mention of this DEIS during their council reports. It is possible for all parties involved; City of Elk Grove, Miwok Tribe and Howard Hughes Corporation that their “talks” needed to be kept confidential. However had I not been notified of last night's meeting I would not be aware our city leaders have been talking with the Miwok Tribe and Howard Hughes Corporation about Alternative F.

Much like the Elk Grove City Council purchased land outside our city limits without discussion drawing the monies from our drainage fund, the city is now working on plans without involving the citizens. Once again, residents are not included in the process. If I had not been at the meeting last night, if I had not been made aware of the DEIS, I would have no knowledge of Alternative F.

You may mail or hand-deliver written comments to Ms. Amy Dutschke, Pacific Regional Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento, California 95825. You may also submit comments through email to Mr. John Rydzik, Chief, Division of Environmental, Cultural Resource Management and Safety, Bureau of Indian Affairs, at john.rydzik@bia.gov.

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Anonymous said...

The Draft EIS can be seen here....


Anonymous said...

Business as usual for EG.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they brought it to the city of EG alright. Just by way of Galt and the Sac Bee first. As said above "Business as usual for EG".


Anonymous said...

The SEPA is going to be a huge dumpster fire with all the high density low income housing projects and this casino.

Casinos are a tax on the poor, the stupid and the elderly.

Anonymous said...

Come on you guys and gals. This is a great idea. While the kids are playing soccer nearby Mom & Dad can relax at the Casino. Maybe even get a few extra bucks by renting the Casino "Grover" to welcome the visitors to this Destination City. Heck maybe even get that express bus system to the casino that Councilmember Suen spoke about.

Connie said...


Both Darrell Doan and City Manager Laura Gill gave reports at last Wednesday’s Elk Grove City Council meeting. Why no mention that Doan would be attending the Wilton Rancheria meeting down in Galt and even more importantly, what he was planning on saying?

Thank goodness you had the foresight to attend this meeting. Was city staff, once again, trying to pull a fast one? Was Doan planting a seed that the mall property is “ripe” for a casino? Does the city have plans to back door themselves into this process? It was, “we take no position,” but reading between the lines was it, “we are interested.” And look folks, we are ahead of Galt, we have the land, the interchange and the infrastructure already in place.

Never mind asking the people of Elk Grove if we want a casino in our city? Never mind about all the PR talk, press releases and Tweets about finishing the outlet mall and all of the sales tax revenue the mail will generate. Is this just another bait and switch the city is famous for?

Anonymous said...

aaah, SEPA. The city has already managed to tear down that piece of property that was originally supposed to bring some high paying jobs to town. Much like the Jewel of Elk Grove, Laguna Ridge, with outrageous CFD taxes. Gotta make the Developers happy to keep those checks rolling in to the campaign coffers. There is no question about it, our city is not fiscal conservative and they are not very careful in spending taxpayers' dollars. Easy come, easy go.

Anonymous said...

Man, I think its imperative that the ped bridge is not built into the Park. Old EG is tucked in nice by the Park and 99, and it needs to stay that way. Our older neighborhoods don't have the bells and whistles of the new track homes but they have good bones and lot sizes. I've seen a positive turnover of new, young buyers most recently and others putting money into renovations. But, our Park neighborhood will always face the threat of typical downturn of older suburban communities. With all the crap were looking at with the SEPA proposals, the I5 to 50 highway, and now a potential casino project, old EG faces a mess right across from 99. We need to keep the Park as is!!!!

Anonymous said...

The SEPA could end up being the Stockton of the Capital region.

Anonymous said...

You all need to stop complaining and see the big picture. We now have a revenue source to pay for all of the projects. Soccer Stadium, no problem!! Water Park, no problem!! Minor League Baseball Stadium, no problem!! Coffee Houses, oh wait those were sold, but no problem!!

Also, for years you all complain that all the Council does is take money from the developers and do their bidding. Now there is a tribe to take money from, diversify!!!!

Warren Buffett said...

To anonymous 16:30, the casino won't be the cash cow you are imagining. They are exempt from property taxes, are do not pay sales tax and any other city assessments. They are considered a sovereign nation and only answer to the feds. But yes, there will be spinoff benefits with higher paying jobs than all this retail stuff we are inundated with, and day-trippers will come and might spend money away from the casino-although those buffets are hard to beat!

Anonymous said...

Does Sacramento County have an Indian Casino?

Since this tribe is based in Wilton, could this property in EG be considered tribal ground too? I suppose it's possible.

Anonymous said...

To Warren Buffet: I hope the real WB is more informed about the potential investment and fiscal impacts of this project. Everybody always jumps to the taxes issue completely missing the big picture. Yes, the Tribe will pay no direct taxes on the REVENUES from the casino but they will pay millions to mitigate any potential impacts --- including any lost property tax revenues or costs of public/City services. They will also pay federal, state, and social security taxes on each and every employee (unless they are Wilton tribal citizens living and working on the trust site which in this case would be the mall site which is not going to happen). Lastly, the Tribe will also pay taxes on each and every product and service bought locally or afar -- so will the Casino workers who spend their wages locally. So the NET NET tax (fiscal) impact will be hundreds of times more new tax revenues than EG is currently getting from an empty mall site. It's all in the Draft EIS - have a look versus just jumping to conclusion.

Bugsy said...

I just want to see the casino freeway sign they come up with, the proposed new 80 foot tall LED auto plaza sign, and the outlet mall signs all sitting there three in a row! Vegas ain't got nothing on us!

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