Elk Grove Councilman Steve Detrick Snags $37,000 in Contributions, Abandoned by Individual Donors

Steve Detrick liar
At the December 19, 2015 meeting, Elk Grove City Councilman
Steve Detrick defends "from-district" elections which favor 
January 20, 2016 |

Although he does not yet have any declared opponents for his 2016 reelection, Elk Grove City Councilman Steve Detrick hasn't stopped building his war chest. 

According to campaign financial disclosure documents filed yesterday with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, the second-term councilman collected $37,844 during the six-month period ending on December 31, 2015. With these additions, Detrick has $45,179 on hand with $22,000 in outstanding debt.  

Detrick's two single largest contributions of $5,000 came from patrons who are either a current contractor with the city or have developments pending in the city. Those $5,000 contributions came from Willdan Group, Inc., Elk Grove's engineering contractor, and Taylor Morrison (home builders) of California. 

Other large contributions to Detrick were also from development related interests including $2,500 from Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, $2,500; Souza Elk Grove LLC, $2,500; California Real Estate Political Action Committee, $2,500; Thomas P. Winn, real estate investor, $2,500; Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447, $1,000; Richland Investments, $1,000; and Vintara Holdings LLC, $1,000.

Other notable contributions included the following:
  • Nissan of Elk Grove - $500
  • Gil Moore Oil Company - $1,000
  • Republic Services - $1,000 (City of Elk Grove's contract garbage collector)
  • The Howard Research and Development Company - $1,000 (subsidiary of Howard Hughes Corp.)
  • Elk Grove Milling Inc. - $1,000
  • Laguna Gateway Phase 2 - $2,000

Since his initial election in 2008, Detrick has increasingly relied on big contributions from real estate developers and organizations with interests in Elk Grove new home construction. Detrick's massive war chest in 2012 effectively acted as a deterrent from other candidates entering the race. 

During the same time small individual contributors, which were also the backbone of his 2008 campaign volunteers, have abandoned Detrick. Only eight of the 33 most recent contributions were from individuals, none of who contributed in 2008, and the balance were classified as businesses or other.  

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Anonymous said...

The last paragraph speaks volumes of Detrick's metamorphosis from grass roots citizens advocate to money grabbing whore for developers.

What a tangled web.

Anonymous said...

Mentoring on how to raise cash?

Squeaky wheel said...

So after taking a gander at Steve “The Mentor” Detrick’s 460’s, I see Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease’s wife made a contribution to Detrick’s pocket book. Well, members of Elk Grove’s “political elite,” are terrible players of the Secret game. Word on the street in the last few weeks says Spease is going to take a shot at Gary Davis for Mayor of Elk Grove. Reliable information says Spease has hired political consultant Tab Berg, or at least Berg is on the short list.

In my opinion, Spease can run for Mayor and hire any political consultant he wants. However, the most disturbing information to pour out of the leaky bucket is that Spease has become the latest to feed at the trough of Detrick’s mentorship. I wonder what he will learn from Detrick? Perhaps how to get away with misusing his campaign contributions?

So we now have the tag team of Detrick and Spease hitting up all of the past campaign contributors. How’s that going to work? Detrick take 70 percent and Spease 30 percent of all donations Detrick can wring out of people? 50/50? 60/40? And what about Gil Moore? Detrick already has received over $20K from Moore. Spease has got a lot of catching up to do there, but I certainly don’t see Detrick sharing a teat from that particular cash cow.

What’s that quote about the company you keep? Spease might want to look that one up….

Gail said...

To Squeaky Wheel:

Interesting information you posted here. So I made a call to one of Elk Grove’s political activists. Kevin Spease wrote her several times is he not running for mayor, the latest denial just last week. Spease also told her in a one-on-one one conversation if he ever ran for political office he would not hire Tab Berg because he and Berg’s philosophies are totally different.

So was the political activist duped?

Anonymous said...

Honey Bee is showing up at all the right places and getting a lot of photo ops for a guy not running for anything!

Anonymous said...

This city is a steaming dumpster fire of suburban sprawl, ticky tacky subdivisions, fast food joints and strip malls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Speases are everywhere, involved in all kinds of charity work. In fact, Connie Conley nominated Angela Spease for an Elk Grove Mayor’s Award in 2015 and she won. I would normally give Spease a chance, but if it is true he has aligned himself with Detrick, there is no chance in hell I will listen to one word he has to say.

The company you keep is right!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 21:30 I was thinking the same thing...contributions being made that I hadn't seen before. Maybe good though, seems we are in need of a new Mayor. Someone who actually has the community needs at heart and not some wild scheme to bring tourists, Olympics or the MLS to town. Will we also see others putting their name in the hat for the three seats up for grabs. This taxpayer is sure ready for some change.

Anonymous said...

Saw that Detrick found the aquatics center penciled out as "revenue neutral." How short-sighted. The consultant didn't take into account the new aquatics center currently under way because the city didn't include that fact when they established facts and parameters.

Isn't it realistic to believe the new Southgate project will take away at least some substantial revenue stream the revenue projections are based on?

Now, the aquatics center is operating at a loss based on faulty information provided by the city. Can't believe Hume also agreed, just goes to show, during an election cycle these guys will spin info to their benefit to the detriment of the entire community.

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