Countdown Starts to Opening of Howard Hughes Corp's 'Ghost Mall' Outlet Collection at Elk Grove

Howard Hughes Corporation schedules opening of Outlet Collection at Elk Grove

May 19, 2016 |

To paraphrase a comment made by Elk Grove Mayor Davis at his recent fundraiser and campaign rally, maybe his fellow Councilman Steve Detrick had a premonition earlier this year.

Detrick's possible premonition that Davis was referring to was the restart of construction and the opening of Howard Hughes Corporations's long-stalled Outlet Collection at Elk Grove shopping center. Readers will recall earlier this year during an Elk Grove City Council meeting Detrick revealed that the shopping center, where construction has been halted for eight years this July, was scheduled to open in 2017.

Although HHC has not, to our knowledge, revealed any official information regarding when construction will resume and the shopping center will open, there was a recent development. As noted by Davis on his Twitter account and during his Monday night speech (video link starts at the point of his comment regarding the Outlet) HHC recently installed a sign saying the facility is opening in 2017.

So is HHC actually getting ready to move dirt, sign some more leases and have the strip center open by some undetermined date in 2017 or is this just another empty promise like all the others Elk Grove residents have heard through the years? Even Davis was measured in his enthusiasm announcing the installation of the sign having heard the same promises from HHC through the years. 

So if we are to believe HHC's recently installed advertisement at the ghost mall, as it has come to be known, sometime between now and December 31, 2017, the Outlet Collection at Elk Grove will be open for business and generating those all important sales tax revenues for the city.

To that end, we have installed a countdown clock here to monitor HHC's "love" billboard promising a 2017 opening. According to the clock, HHC has one year, seven months, 12 days, and some change until the outlet mall opens.

Time is running out - HHC better start the planned demolition of the north end of the ghost mall, get some dirt moving, sign those leases and get those bus loads of high-end international tourist premium outlet shoppers flocking to "the new hub for the Central Valley." Time is ticking away and we all will be looking for quantitative signals, not more signs, of progress.   

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