Little Known About 'Protect Elk Grove' Anti-Casino Group

July 11, 2016 |

Less than 72 hours after the conclusion of the Wednesday night information meeting conducted by the Wilton Rancheria on their $400 million casino proposed for Elk Grove, an anti-casino mailer started appearing in mailboxes.

Although little is known at this point about the group, there are bits of information that have been cobbled together and relayed to EGN. Among them are the following:
  • The site's web address has a private registration on
  • The site appears to have gone live on Thursday, July 7
  • Phone calls to the number listed on the flyer, at least from EGN, have gone to voicemail
  • Voicemail requests for return calls have not been recieved
  • A text message sent did receive a response that said "We are very busy organizing for Wednesday's council meeting. We will reach out after that..."
  • The mailer does not contain a so-called union label "bug" indicating it was printed at a union print operation
  • The quote attributed to Wilton Rancheria Chairman Raymond C. Hitchcock on the flyer was spoken at Wednesday night's session indicating the mailer was printed sometime after the meeting
If the group draws people to Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council meeting and they speak during public comment for non-agenda items, we will have a better idea who has targeted Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis for their apparent opposition to the proposed casino.  

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I on Elk Grove said...
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Unknown said...

If you dig deeper, you will find this group is bank rolled by Stand Up for California! a one person anti-casino group headed up by Cheryl Schmitt. She ran the movement to place Proposition 48 on the ballot opposing North Fork's casino in Madera. She raised $16 million from Picayune Rancheria and Table Mountain Rancheria and according to State records still has $2.6 million in her war chest.

EGN said...

Thank you for the tip runavajo.

Unknown said...

The mailer indicated that small businesses in Elk Grove would be hurt, but I think that small businesses can only benefit from a large influx of jobs and income into Elk Grove. I live in Elk Grove, and I support the casino locating here.

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