What Does Ly's Creation of an Elk Grove Vice Mayor Seal Say About Him, His Priorities?

July 18, 2016 |

Put this in the for what it's worth file.

Today, as a source at City Hall told us last week, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly declared his candidacy for the Office of Elk Grove Mayor. While our source was accurate, they were off by one business day.

Regardless, Ly announced his candidacy as expected and did it through his Facebook page and Twitter feed. The link on his social media feeds led to a press release with some obligatory comments and a list of endorsements.

But there was some unusual artwork on the top of the press release as well as his Facebook page. Upon closer inspection, the blurry round artwork at the top of the press release and Facebook page appears to be a seal for the office of Elk Grove Vice Mayor, or some facsimile thereof.

Ly's or his staff appropriated images that bare strong resemblance to those used in the City of Elk Grove's official seal and marketing material. This is similar to using a well known law enforcement official in what appears to be a police-type uniform, sans badges or other identifying items, in a TV ad or printed campaign material touting a candidates public safety credentials.

The practice is probably not illegal, but it does push the envelope. 

So what do you think of the Vice Mayor's creation of the unofficial seal of the Vice Mayor of Elk Grove? Is this a harmless campaign ploy, or is indicative of the Vice Mayor's character, temperament and priorities for the city? 

From our perspective, if Ly wins in November, we cannot help but wonder how long it will take him to commission a seal for the Office of Elk Grove Mayor?  

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Ace of Spades said...

He's beginning to act like that royal king or Highness from Nigeria that was going to visit us during that Sister City fiasco.

Josie said...

GEEZ...we've really pushed the envelope now. Guess it would be up to the city if they think this is in our best interests.

Ace of Spades said...

'Funny thing is he misspelled his own contact e-mail address as:

Corin Choppin
(916) 446-7600

Josie said...

It would appear that this could possibly be a violation of the City Council Code of Ethics.


HereHere said...

This is just a stepping stone for him. He is a professional politician.

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