Opinion - Elk Grove's Steve Ly is an Ambitious Man From Humble Origins, But is Far From Humble

By Atticus Finch | August 4, 2016 |

There is no question that Mr. Steve Ly is an ambitious man from humble origins. However, no one can accuse him of being modest or unassuming. 
Mr. Ly has used his office with the Elk Grove Unified School Board as a springboard to becoming a councilman for the City of Elk Grove. He recently announced plans to run for the mayor’s office this year. It’s a safe bet that he has visions of running for state office and beyond. 
Before he gets to the moon, voters are entitled to a few answers. After all, has Ly served the City and his community with honor, commitment and integrity? Does he consistently display good character, strong morals, and leadership and does he put others before himself? Is he the next leader that Elk Grove needs or is he just another politician with aspirations of higher office? 
So far, his actions have demonstrated the latter. 
Transparency and trustworthiness are traits that an effective leader must possess. Ly lacks both. 
He claims to have a Doctor of Jurisprudence but neglects to list the name of the school in his biography on the City’s website. Does he, in fact, have a JD? If so, why does he not list the name of the school? Ly’s 2012 profile at smartvoter.org lists he has a “doctor’s degree at UNC (2014 profile listed here). 
In fact, UNC is the defunct Lorenzo Patino School of Law which was not accredited and recognized as a school where students could sit for the Bar exam. If Ly had a law degree from a legitimate law school, such as King Hall at UC Davis or Hasting College of Law in SF, you bet he would list that.
Ly claims education is a cornerstone and pillar of his background. But he hasn’t proven himself to be honest and forthright with his own academic career and yet claims to be an advocate for childhood education.
Mr. Steve Ly is an ambitious man from humble origins, but he is far from humble. His objective is to serve his own interests and goals, not those of the community he represents. Just look at his track record.
This opinion was submitted by a verified Elk Grove resident who asked to remain anonymous. 

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I on Elk Grove said...

Is this anonymous person running for public office?

Elk Grove News said...

The writer is not seeking public office in Elk Grove or any jurisdiction.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

The same and more could be said of Steve Detrick!

Has he displayed high moral standards? Is he truthful? Has he violated any laws and found guilty of doing so? Did he publicly disparage a city staff person in public in front of witnesses regarding their weight? Has he made other inappropriate comments to city staff, mostly women? Does he strong arm developers for money? The list of questions goes on and on.

Detrick doesn’t know the meaning of the words transparency, honesty and trustworthiness; not to mention the word humble. In the opinion of many, Detrick is the antithesis of all of these words and a few more that should be required of our elected officials.

So Atticus, or whomever you are, do your research on Steve Detrick and you could write a novel!

Former city resident said...

Sadly the integrity or lack thereof of all our council members leaves much to be desired. When we can totally c lean house and elect the people who actively engaged at all our city at all meeting and put them on the dias not being beholden to any large contributors eill we have even a small remote chance of righting this flailing ship. Unless we have people who gave personal deep pockets who are willing to give of themselves we will be stuck with the likes of Gil Moore, the Bardis' and other developera controlling our city. It's a sad, sad situation.

I on Elk Grove said...

Which is why so many upstanding citizens leave our city. Luckily, south Sacramento and Elk Grove no longer have a noticeable boundary. We welcome the crime with arms wide open.

Ace of Spades said...

The only litmus test for a council member in Elk Grove is to vote YES on all development projects that come before you. Integrity, education, humbleness, leadership, whatever items cited in this article--c'mon!

I on Elk Grove said...

They all have their greedy little fingers in the pot. Being on city council, is like finding leprechaun gold.

Spoons and Forks said...

Vice Mayor Ly is looking to become Elk Grove's version of Leland Yee. I just wonder who will play his Shrimp Boy?

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