With Davis' Donors Migrating to Ly, What Gifts Can Elk Grove Voters Expect This Time Around?

Mayor Steve Ly

August 3, 2016 |

Now that all five Elk Grove City Councilmen and two previously declared mayoral candidates have filed financial disclosure statements, there is one question worth pondering.

With Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis' withdrawal from this November's race, will the donors who funded him prior to his announcement migrate to his understudy, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly?

A review of both men's reveals while both have similar donors, because Davis was presumed to be running for re-election, he had a wider array of contributions compared to Ly. On a dollar for dollar basis, Davis received about $16,000 more than Ly. 

Consider the following four-digit contributions that Davis received, but not Ly for the six month period ending June 30, 2016:
  • Katherine Bardis - $5,000
  • Thomas Winn - $2,500
  • Sierra Capitol Investment $2,500
  • M& H Realty Partners - $1,000
  • Republic Services - $1,000
  • Vintara Holdings - $1,000
  • Laborers Local 185 - $1,000
  • Cali. Real Estate PAC - $1,000
  • Schetter Electric - $1,000
  • Sheet Metal Workers International - $1,000
Developers, building contractors and building trade unions are nothing if not pragmatic, and even though they may feel burned by Davis, our prediction is that when Ly's next 460 is unveiled on September 29, most of the Davis' patrons listed above will have given significant amounts of money to Ly. Without missing a beat, Ly has already organized a major fundraiser in Elk Grove for next Monday night where he is seeking donations up to $10,000. 

 If nothing else can be said for Ly's ability and focus as an elected official, is that he loves the limelight and adoration of his followers during campaign times and he has fully embraced a take-no-prisoners approach to campaign fundraising. Ly might want to remember the words of former Congressman Dan Lungren who said he knew only two fellow Members of Congress who enjoyed fundraising, and both ended up in prison.

So while we can rest assured the Vice Mayor and his staff are feverishly dialing for dollars, the only question left for Elk Grove voters is what gifts from Ly will show up on their front door this Autumn?     

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Ace of Spades said...

Just give me an 8x10 signed glossy portrait to hang in my living room and I'm all good!

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