Dr. Ami Bera Demands Sheriff Scott Jones To Repudiate Trump, Attempts to Tie Candidates Together

October 7, 2016  |
In light of the story published and video released today regarding Donald Trump's recorded comments on women, Congressman Dr. Ami Bera (D - Elk Grove) has issued a statement demanding his Republican opponent withdraw his support for the Republican Presidential nominee. Bera and Jones are competing for California's 7th Congressional District.

In a statement issued this evening, Bera called on his Republican opponent Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones to repudiate the comments made by Trump on a video tape that was first published by the Washington Post. In that tape, Trump was recorded making what are considered predatory and vulgar comments about women in 2005.

While Jones has said that he will vote for Trump, he has stopped short of endorsing the controversial reality TV star and Presidential candidate. In a story published in the Sacramento Bee on August 8, Jones said he would still vote for Trump saying he could not vote for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton calling her untrustworthy.

“I’m appalled at these predatory comments toward women, and I call on Scott Jones to immediately withdraw his support for Donald Trump,” Bera said. “Despite Scott Jones’ own pattern of disrespect toward women, I hope he’ll stand up and speak out against Trump in response to these comments.”

In response to Bera's statement, Jones called Trump's comments indefensible, but went no further.  

“As a husband and father of two daughters I believe all women deserve to be treated with respect," Jones said. "Donald Trump's comments are simply indefensible and have no place in our discourse."

As of this evening at least two Republican Congressmen have denounced Trump and are withdrawing their support including Jason Chaffetz of Utah and according to MSNBS, Mike of Colorado. Coffman is in a competitive race for Colorado's 6th District. Additionally Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker has uninvited Trump to a Saturday campaign rally in Wisconsin.    

Bera also attempted to tie Trump's video comments to allegations leveled against Jones that he harassed female co-workers at the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The allegations against Jones, which were never substantiated, have become the centerpiece of Bera's campaign. 

The race between Bera and Jones for California's 7th Congressional District is expected to be one of the most expensive and closest races in the nation.

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