Mayor Steve Ly Called Hypocrite, Elk Grove citizen Says 'I don't like you'

January 12, 2017 |   

If anything resembling a honeymoon ever existed for Elk Grove's new Mayor Steve Ly, it quickly dissipated. 

Ly, who was elected by a plurality of voters in November to replace Gary Davis, has not enjoyed one moment of public or council colleague support since taking his oath. At his first City Council meeting as Mayor last month, the same night he took his oath, Ly was kicked around by his City Council colleagues like a can on the ground. 

Last night, things did not improve for the Mayor. In addition to again being man-handled by his three colleagues on another agenda item, Ly heard pointed criticism from constituents during the public comment section of the regular City Council meeting. 

One of those stinging critiques came from Elk Grove resident Steve Lee who skewered Ly for comments he made to the Elk Grove Citizen. In that story, Ly criticized "out of town money" that was used to organize a successful petition drive in opposition to the proposed $400 million casino proposed by the Wilton Rancheria. 

In that story by Citizen staff writer Lance Armstrong, Ly said “It’s different when it’s being pushed by residents in our community,” he said. “But it’s being pushed by some wealthy gambling guru somewhere. I think that’s of a concern, as well. You don’t live in our community and because of your money you have influence over our community." 

Seizing on those comments, Lee told the Mayor that his campaign's numerous out of town trips to Fresno, Minnesota, and Wisconsin brought outside money into Elk Grove politics.

Lee noted that those campaign fundraising trips brought in lots of outside money, much like the money Ly bemoaned in the Citizen article, that influenced the Elk Grove community. 

"Isn't that out of area money used to influence our elections," Lee said. "It seems to me you are a hypocrite."

He went on to say "I'm watching you, and I don't like you."

Lee concluded telling Mayor Ly, "You're a hypocrite sir, and it's up to you to stay home, Mr. Mayor, and take care of Elk Grove business." 

After the comments, Ly did not respond.

This verbal lashing from a constituent follows a humiliating loss for Ly at last Saturday's Democratic 9th California Assembly District Delegate election held in Elk Grove. In that contest, every candidate on Ly's slate, including himself, lost to a slate backed by the Sacramento Central Labor Council.

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