Opinion - Do Not Fear North Korea; Fear is a Diversion

Trump addressing the United Nations. | 

By Amber Enderton | September 19, 2017 |

If you've paid attention to the news recently, you've been spoon fed a media frenzy designed to make you afraid. Stop. Put down your spoons. This fear is meticulously crafted to keep you distracted from the real agenda.

War with North Korea isn't inevitable, it isn't even likely. It benefits neither country. North Korea wants nukes as a deterrent to keep western forces at bay. The odds of them using them without an imminent invasion are next to nil. 

While we don't want North Korea to have nukes, an invasion to stop them isn't very likely. North Korea isn't some insurgency. It has an army of 2 million person strong, an organized and battle ready command structure, and decades of refinement from a 60 year long Korean War. 

Neither country wants war, twice a year rhetoric amps up as the US and South Korea engage in strategic naval maneuvers. So why play the fear machine? Yesterday in a 92-8 vote in the senate, a $700 billion military budget was approved. This is over twice as much as what we will "save" under the proposed bill to slash the ACA. 

The true purpose of the media rhetoric is to keep you afraid. A public living in fear go along with whatever methods they tell you will keep you safe, even at the expense of person freedoms and sanity. Do not be afraid. Read between the lines and fight back against our militaristic machinations.

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