New Traffic Controls Installed at Intersection of Bruceville, Kammerer Roads

December 11, 2017 |  

From the City of Elk Grove | 

The following is some information about road work that is taking place at the intersection of Bruceville and Kammerer roads today. There are no road closures associated with this work.

A three-way stop is being installed today. And for good reason.  In the past six weeks, there have been 5 collisions at that location.  The benchmark for warranting for an all way stop is five correctible accidents in a 12-month period.

Speeding mixed with high traffic volumes and impatient drivers are leading to some dangerous mistakes.  Four of the five collisions occurred during the day.  Visibility is not the issue and the vast majority of people using this intersection are familiar with the existing stop controls, yet we are still seeing an increase in collisions. To improve safety and reduce speeds in the area, these new traffic controls have been added by the Public Works Department in consultation with the Police Department.

The City anticipates a traffic backup at this location unless/until drivers find alternate routes.

If you have any interest in pursuing a story in greater detail about this installation or the reasons necessitating the installation, please let me know.  I can connect you with our Traffic Engineer and/or Traffic Lieutenant for additional background.

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ps34 said...

What are the traffic controls? Lights? Red light cameras with lights? Flashing stop signs? Thank you.

ps34 said...

What are the traffic controls? Traffic lights? Traffic lights with red light cameras? Flashing stop signs?

Thank you.

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