Jones Headed Toward VIctory, But Current 54% Lead Could Evaporate as More Votes Counted in Sheriff's Race

June 6, 2018 |  

Although vote tallies have not been updated from late last night, Sheriff Scott Jones currently has a clear majority of the votes in the race for Sacramento County Sheriff.

Jones, the two-term incumbent sheriff, has 61,315 votes for 54-percent; followed by Donna Cox with 23,734 votes for 21-percent; Milo Fitch 22,944 for 20-percent; and Brett Daniels 6,274 for 5-percent. 

The totals will be updated today and should the general trend continue, the only question remaining is if Jones will continue to hold a lead over 50-percent. If Jones wins by more than 50-percent, he will be declared the winner, but if he has less than that he will be forced into a run-off with the runner-up.

The most surprising aspect of this race is the contest for second place. Donna Cox, who had far less visibility is edging out Milo Fitch who has conducted a well-financed, highly visible campaign.  

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