Elk Grove News Podcast - Elk Grove City Council 'congeniality' report

In this current edition of Elk Grove News Podcast, we discuss one of the most misunderstood - especially as practiced by members of the Elk Grove City Council - regular items on city council meeting agendas. An item that was supposed to inform the public has evolved into a perversion of the original intent. 

Elk Grove resident and longtime city council observer, Lynn Wheat joins the conversation. Wheat explains the history of this item, and never one to be without worthy ideas, suggests a solution. 

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Neo Elk Grove said...

The change in how the city council members have reported has been, as pointed out in the interview, on a downward trajectory.

Councilman Detrick has been particularly egregious in his reporting. After watching the council meetings for years, I know the following about Detrick and his family without ever having met him or his family.
a.) his wife Jan Detrick sells real estate in the Elk Grove area;
b.) his son Nick is now a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces;
c.) his son Brian has competed internationally as a professional water skier;
d.) he has a son who lives in Las Vegas;
e.) his father was in the USMC;
f.) Detrick works for PG&E;
g.) he has attended numerous crab feed through his tenure as a councilman;
h.) he lives on a private lake, yet promotes it as though the public has access to the pond;
i.) he attended the 30th anniversary of Sheldon Inn;
j.) he went snow skiing with Gil Moore, owner of the gas station on Sheldon Road;

This list could easily be filled out to z.), but I will spare readers the boredom.

The point is people know more about Detrick's family and his personal life than they do as his role on the cable commission. It should be the other way around.

I agree with Lynn Wheat that the so-called congeniality report should be moved to the last item on the council's agenda. That way they council members can give their social calendar report to anyone still left lingering at the meeting. Use the time at the beginning of the meeting for matters of substance.

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