By-district opponents' last gasp - Councilmember Nguyen makes a final argument, criticizes Mayor Ly

As the Elk Grove City Council made the final approval on the switch to by-district representation for the 2020 elections, there was one last city councilmember commentary condemning the action.

Stephanie Nguyen, the council's novice member, made her comments during the consent calendar proceedings where the final reading of the change was placed. Absent from the last city council meeting where the change came under threat of a potentially costly civil and voter rights lawsuit, Nguyen repeated arguments made by her three city council colleagues - Steve Detrick, Pat Hume, and Darren Suen -  added her twist and criticized Mayor Steve Ly.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Talk about showing up to the party late! Precisely two weeks late to be exact. It's easy to stake out your position to keep status quo when the opposing constituents are not sitting in front of you as theywere two weeks ago, particularly since the decision has already been made.

I suppose this soundbite was good for the mass consumption of the development interests who cling to the status quo and will be asked to write her campaign checks in a couple years. Hmm, I'm she a Democrat or a Republican now?

Spoons and Forks said...

When Stephanie first ran for the Sacramento board of education then was appointed to the city council, I was really hopeful. Finally, we would have a competent woman serving the city.

I've waited almost for three years for her to speak up on something, anything, and what does she do? She parrots the words of Steve Detrick. How disappointing.

Even though she is supposedly a Democrat, she seems closely aligned with Republicans Detrick, Hume, and Suen. Yes, Darren is a Republican at heart, which is fine, but he should change party affiliation.

As an Elk Grove woman voter, I couldn't have been more disappointed in her subservience to those three men.

Randy Bekker said...

She is a Democrat a moderate, problem for you she is not a progressive an doesn’t drink your Koolaid. She spoke from the heart as I have warned you about the pitfall of by District voting. Soon you will see what happens when you lose the right to vote for council members as they make their votes for their districts. Most all of us that grew up here lived the good life of a great town now you can ripe the benefits of your choices. Good Luck! O an I will be around to remind you all of your decisions!

Spoons and Forks said...

So Randy, if I am correctly interpreting your muddled grammar, you are saying your boys and girls whom you adore on the city council are at their heart only interested in their parochial interests?

How unfortunate these very people you have fallen on the sword for will now betray you because they are by-district representatives. Sad!

White Hat said...

Spoons and Forks what gibberish do you speak?

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