City attorney corrects Elk Grove city councilmember about wrong statements made on District56 litigation

During the January 8, Elk Grove City Council meeting, one of the city's five councilmembers made an incorrect statement that had to be corrected by city attorney Jonathan Hobbs.

The wrong statement was made by the dean of the Elk Grove City Council, Pat Hume. That statement was regarding the city's litigation against several construction companies involved in the problem-plagued District56 civic center and aquatics center.  

In an attempt to address concerns by one of the defendants in the case, Hume incorrectly told the company, Big B Construction, who has retained legal counsel and been involved in months-long negotiations, they were not being sued by the city. 

Below is a video of the exchange.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

This lawsuit was the only item on last Wednesday's closed session agenda and has been an agenda item on several previous closed session meetings.

Likewise, Big B's owners have been speaking about this lawsuit before the Elk Grove City Council for months now. It also has been reported on Elk Grove News and in the Elk Grove Citizen. How did Pat Hume not know that Big B was a defendant? Did he think Big B's owners and their supporters were speaking time and time again at public comment because they just want to hang out with the Council every two weeks?

And with this revelation that Pat "The Smart One" Hume didn't know, it now begs the question: What is the Elk Grove City Council really doing in closed session as they are eating a nice catered dinner courtesy of the taxpayers?

D.J. Blutarsky said...

"Not a good look".

What a week it was. As the nation stepped closer to the brink of war, the City demonstrated once again that it is but a floundering boat bobbing around rudderless and taking on more water!

Not sure anyone is at the helm, but November will be a nice preview of whether the district elections will eventually toss these old sailors overboard.

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