Craft kick-offs Elk Grove District 3 City Council campaign with spirited event, announcement of labor endorsements

Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate Maureen Craft (center) with representatives from several of the labor unions who have endors...

Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate Maureen Craft (center) with representatives from several
of the labor unions who have endorsed her candidacy. | 

At her campaign event yesterday, Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate Maureen Craft not only officially kicked off her campaign, but she also took the opportunity to announce several significant endorsements. Craft is one of four candidates seeking to fill the open District 3 seat.

The event was held at the Holiday Inn Express on West Stockton Boulevard and drew several dozen supporters. Among the elected officials on hand were Cosumnes Community Service District Directors Jaclyn Moreno and Orlando Fuentes, and Elk Grove District 1 City Council candidate Ali Moa and Elk Grove Unified School District District 3 trustee candidate Sean Yang.

After Craft was introduced by her husband Michael Craft, she was visibly moved by the enthusiastic supporters saying, "I am so excited to be here" and thanked supporters for attending the event.

During her speech, Craft said she wanted to formally start the campaign in February to coincide with the annual Black History Month.

"People asked me why I wanted to have my kickoff in February, well it is Black History Month," Craft noted. "And I am running to be the first Black woman that sits on this Elk Grove City Council."

During her acknowledgment of guest, Craft noted representatives from several labor unions in attendance, all of whom have endorsed her candidacy. The unions included Carpenters Local 46, Communication Workers of America Local 9421, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447, and Teamsters Local 115 (see the entire speech in video below).

Although Craft did not discuss it, the labor endorsements are accompanied by campaign contributions and precinct walkers. In particular, the Plumbers and Pipefitters endorsements have been accompanied by significant donations over the last several campaign cycles in Elk Grove.

Along with the endorsements from Moreno, Fuentes, and the labor support, Craft also thanked Sacramento City Councilmembers Rick Jennings, Allen Warren, Angelique Ashby, and some unspecified members of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District board for their support.  

Craft is seeking the seat along with fellow Democrat Amandeep Singh, Independent Lynn Wheat, and Republican Kevin Spease. Not only are the four candidates vying for an open seat for the first time in Elk Grove since 2014 and only the second time in the city's 20 year history, but they will also be competing for the first time on a by-dsitrict basis.

As she concluded her comments, Craft told supporters, "I truly appreciate you all being here, and once again, let's move forward together." 

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Randy Bekker said...
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Randy Bekker said...

Interesting bedfellows since Labor has announced to support the CNU hospital project is Craft on board to green light the project? Citizens in District # 1 that have been courting Craft are they aware of Labor’s support of Craft? Since Ly is tied to to the progressives an that he supports Cheung’s pie in the sky. It will be curious who Shergill supports Craft or Singh. It will be another interesting election.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Forget CNU. My wallet wants to know what they think about full-time salaries for Council and Mayor!

Connie said...

What I liked best about Maureen’s fundraiser was the diversity in the room. I thought I knew a lot of people in Elk Grove. Usually it is the same people who frequent these events; therefore, you see the same people again and again. But not last night. I think I knew five people in the room.

It was wonderful to meet so many of Maureen’s supporters from all walks of life here in Elk Grove. People who are supporting a very qualified candidate with the skills necessary to hold public office including being informed on local public policy issues, understands the rules of local government along with running an organization and a business. Maureen is a community leader who also understands the value of diverse voices on our governing bodies.

And to Randy’s comment. . .I don’t support the CNU project. You weren’t in attendance at Maureen’s fundraiser as she isn’t your candidate of choice. I only heard one person bring up CNU commenting that the Elk Grove City Council is getting beat up at the Pizza Pie town hall meetings. And that was me!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

I'll take a slightly different view on the District 3 contest. For me there are two variables, and it centers on gender.

On one side is Mr. Spease and Mr. Singh. In his audio, Mr. Spease clearly said he will continue with the type of representation that we have seen for the past 20 years. Less is known about Mr. Singh, but his presentation on this site, in my interpretation indicates a steady as you go status quo sort of representation.

As for Ms. Craft and Ms. Wheat, they are, perhaps, vanguards. Both for differing reasons would depart from business as usual on the city council. Can they convey that to voters, and more importantly, will voters care?

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