UPDATED - Good news for coffee & donuts mavens in Elk Grove, South Sacramento

UPDATED April 30, 2021 

As evidenced by this picture taken on April 29, the Dunkin Donuts on Bruceville Road just south of Calvine appears to be almost finished and ready to open. The exterior work is finished and work is being done on the interior.

Just days now Dunkin donuts and coffee mavens!  

For those who love a morning coffee and donuts, especially those from the east coast and midwest, a familiar brand is coming to town - Dunkin Donuts.

The internationally popular brand, which is just beginning it entry into Northern California, has started construction on a new store in south Sacramento on the corner of Bruceville Road and West Stockton Boulevard.  Currently, there are Dunkin Donuts stores in Folsom and Roseville.

Although Dunkin Donuts had a store on Power Inn Road near the Sacramento Family Court complex, that outlet closed over 17 years ago. The donut giant reentered the state starting in 2013 and has slowly expanded its footprint from Southern to Northern Californa. 

In an acknowledgment of their expanded menu beyond their traditional donut, the brand is now known officially as Dunkin. Construction on the store appears in the early stages and it is not known when it will be opened.

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Unknown said...

Is there an update on the Dunkin Donuts in Elk Grove (report from 2/27/2020), or has the Pandemic ended that project? I currently travel to Roseville or Folsom for the donuts, but would prefer to leave my dollars in my community. As an ex New Yorker Dunkin Donuts was a staple. Thank you.

Elk Grove News said...

I am not sure of the opening date, but construction is almost complete. By all appearances, it could be open in the next few weeks.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated! LM

Unknown said...

Any update on grand opening?

Elk Grove News said...

It looks as the construction is almost complete, so it should be within the next week or two.

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