8 trailers placed on site of future Elk Grove casino for at-risk COVID19 dwellings

Eight trailers provided by FEMA funding for at-risk people on the site of Wilton Rancheria's tribal land
within the city of Elk Grove. | 

The Wilton Rancheria site in Elk Grove that will be home to a future gambling casino has gone into service as a site for COVID19 dwellings. In response to the need of Wilton Rancheria tribal members who are at-risk for COVID19 infections, eight trailers have been placed on the 36-acre site in south Elk Grove.

According to a statement released yesterday by Wilton Rancheria Chairman Raymond "Chuckie" Hitchcock, the tribe has been awarded the temporary housing trailers as part of the State of California's Project Roomkey initiative.

In his statement, Hitchcock stressed that as a recognized tribe with land in the city of Elk Grove boundaries that are in federal trust, they have jurisdiction over the land. Hitchcock also suggested it would be a temporary use.

"Wilton Rancheria is a federally recognized Tribe and is exercising its sovereignty in providing assistance to our Tribal Members on our Tribal Trust Land," Hitchcock said. "Although this land is for the purpose of gaming, we still have jurisdictional oversight on how we decide to utilize our land on a temporary basis that will benefit our people."

The eight trailers are placed on the tribe's site which was purchased from the Howard Hughes Corporation on the 72-acre site that was planned for a regional shopping center. The Wilton Rancheria is planning to build a $500 million casino-hotel resort and in comments last January prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Hitchcock said they planned to have the project completed by 2021.

A visit to the site shows the trailers appear to have electrical service. In their statement, the Wilton Rancheria did not disclose how many people are occupying the dwellings or how long they will remain on the site.

The state's Project Roomkey initiative is funded by FEMA and is intended to provide dwellings in hotel rooms as well as trailers to at-risk homeless people. Hitchcock took the opportunity to praise Gov. Gavin Newsom's response to the pandemic.  

"His steady demeanor, fact-based decisions, and swift action in the face of this pandemic show his character and skill in navigating our state through this crisis," Hitchcock said. "The governor’s decisive stay-at-home directives most likely prevented us from a far worse outcome, which has played out in other states and countries."

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Spoons and Forks said...

Kind of ironic for Elk Grove's leadership isn't it?

First it was gonna be an enclosed mall with Nordstrom's. Then it became a big drive-thru mall. Then an outlet mall, and finally it was torn down. And of course let's not forget the casino.

Now the casino land is being used to for homeless housing. What's next? If the history of this entire site is any indicator, it ain't headed in the right direction.

Randy Bekker said...

Spoons an Forks, lets state the facts correctly. These are not homeless. These are residents who’s jobs could put their families at risk if they came in contact. On a smaller scale cities an counties have lifted restrictions for 1st responders that have RV’s to park in front of their houses. I would expect better from you as your comments are towards the Tribe as this land is sovereign land. The city has no jurisdiction an we all know what happened to the mall. As this is temporary, I would expect to see the trailers gone or not occupied. I think an apology from you to the Wilton Rancheria Tribe is in order! I will expect to see it posted as I will pass it along.

White Hat said...

Spoons and Forks apparently you failed reading. The first paragraph
"In response to the need of Wilton Rancheria tribal members who are at-risk for COVID19 infections, eight trailers have been placed on the 36-acre site in south Elk Grove."
I'm in agreement with Randy Bekker in you owe this tribe an apology.

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