With less than eight hours until the city council convenes, Elk Grove's 2021 budget not yet available

Elk Grove's budget outlook for fiscal year 2021 is unlikely to be as sunny and cheery as it was for the current fiscal year
following the COVID19 recession. |   
Tonight Elk Grove city manager Jason Behrmann and budget director Shay Narayan are scheduled to unveil the city's annual budget during the city council meeting. That budget, which is required by state law to be balanced and in effect by July 1, has yet to be made available for public review.

Like many government entities that have seen a precipitous drop in vital sales tax revenue brought on by COVID19 closures, Behrmann said at the April 24 meeting, the city expects to $13.7 budget shortfall. A review of the link provided by the city at the May 13 city council meeting for the budget, as of 9 a.m. this morning, does not reveal the proposed budget.

Behrmann and the city council members have been tight-lipped on how the city shortfall will affect the 2021 budget. Given declining revenues, labor cost, especially for the Elk Grove Police Department, which is over 60-percent of the general fund, are usual targets for belt-tightening.

Complicating any significant labor cost education, the police department generally enjoys support from city residents, and the city council would be politically loath to make cuts in public safety, particularly in an election year. Additionally, the rank and file police officers are covered by a collective bargaining agreement, which would have to be renegotiated should the police department staffing were to be reduced.

Tonight's city council meeting starts at 6 p.m. and can be viewed on the city's website. The budget is expected to be posted by the start of tonight's city council session. 

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Josie said...

I understand the Pilot G2 Budget Pens were on back order,that being the reason for the delay. Hopefully they come through before 6 P.M. Laura is on standby!

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Patience grasshoppers...the numbers are still being crunched as we speak!

Word is, Mayor Ly's campaign plane was fueled up last night and headed to Tennessee to finish up the budget. Why Tennessee you may ask?

Word is, the City rented valuable crunch time on "Summit".

Summit is the world's most powerful supercomputer today, built by IBM for the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. It occupies the equivalent of two basketball courts and achieves an impressive 148.6 petaflops thanks to its 2.41 million cores.

At eight times the speed of the US's previous fastest computer, Summit is a major advance for the country's supercomputing efforts. The Oak Ridge team says the system, which cost $200 million to build, is the first supercomputer made bespoke for use in artificial-intelligence applications

Word is, the City will attempt to buy a Summit next budget year and install it at their undeveloped 100-acre soccer field, because it is cheaper to buy one than to keep renting time!

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