Letter to Elk Grove New: Chat page operator chastises Elk Grove News - 'Lately most [EGN] posts are anti city, anti City council'

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Earlier this week we received an email from the proprietor of a chat page chastising our editorial content. As a result of that email, we requested a meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

This evening an email was received canceling the meeting. 

Since the chat page operator has taken issue with our content, we felt in best interest to let the operator's feeling known. 


I will just list my concerns. Feel free to respond or not, or do what you want. 

1. It's clear you have an issue with Darren Suen and you're after him for whatever reason, and you don't care who else you drag into this mess as long as it suits you. I didn't request a plaque and had no idea it was coming.  While EGLF is a business, it also does a lot for the community.  We have donated several thousand dollars in scholarships for local students. We help local non profits[sic] and community groups, schools and other organizations. It's a part of the community and reaches more people than the other Elk Grove media. Everyone has their own bias. Mine is conservative. Yours is not. So now it suits your agenda to drag me into your vendetta against Darren and the city.  You're trying to portray me as a racist and supporter of racism, which is garbage but you don't care because it suits your narrative. Right now our country and city are going through difficult times due to covid and now the race issues.  You trying to portray me as a racist to further your agenda is irresponsible at anytime [sic] but more so now due to the climate we are in.  I would appreciate it if you left me out of your vendetta against Suen, Nguyen or any others. Stop portraying me and my business as racist or promoting racism. Neither is true. I'm not interested in being a pawn in your political game

2. While I rarely agree with the things you post that are political, I did often say things were well written and it was unfortunate that more people don't read it.  Lately most posts are anti city, [sic] anti City council [sic], with the exception of Mayor Ly for whom you have some new found [sic] devotion even though you were not a fan before.  There Is[sic] rarely ever anything positive. It's usually some form of personal attacks against someone or you share editorials that are personal attacks against someone or some group.  


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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Question for Elk Grove News: As is the case with EGLF, as witnessed by testimony from public comment at the Elk Grove City Council meeting, how many people have you blocked from your Facebook page for disagreeing with you? How many people have you called an "idiot?" (Again from public comment regarding EGLF?)

D.J. Blutarsky said...

I think the funniest thing about this editorial complaint is how the author refers to EGLF as a business! Come on man!

To all the struggling mom and pop small business owners out there who have laid their life savings on the line, sell off your land (that you probably inherited from your parents) to homebuilders, live off the millions and start a forum! The American Dream lives on in EGLF.

Spoons and Forks said...

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."
William Jefferson Clinton

"You're trying to portray me as a racist and supporter of racism, which is garbage but you don't care because it suits your narrative."
Robert "Doc" Souza

We eventually discovered the truth about the first statement. What will we learn about the second quote in the years to come?

Doc Souza said...

Love the comments from the people afraid to use their real names. It speaks volumes about their lack of accountability. Could be the same person using several aliases for all we know.

For the record since Dan left it out, I canceled our meeting to attend a family function that I was not previously aware of until the day before. I knew there was an event but thought it was later in the day.

Did you know that on the Elk Grove News.net FB page that you can only see comments from people you are friends with? You can't see comments from others. I asked him about that previously and he said he would look into it, but never did.

It is clear that Dan has an agenda this election cycle and that is to keep attacking Suen and Nguyen and any others that don't follow the far left line. Then he will tie them into Trump somehow. Interesting how he attacked Ly the previous two election cycles but now is his biggest fan. All those scathing reports about Ly that he posted in the past. A lot of hypocrisy.

What's sad is as I said in my email, Dan was writing some good stuff, I even shared some of it, but now every post is some sort of attack on someone at the city and that will only continue leading up to the election.

Elk Grove News said...

Here is what the email said regarding the family function:

"My wife just told me we have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon."

You are a coward hiding behind a screen and keyboard who is afraid people face to face who disagree with you.

Let's meet and have a public forum.

Atticus Finch said...

In today's volatile environment, anonymity can provide a degree of safety and security that allows individuals to exercise their 1st Amendment free speech rights, particularly when retaliation for doing so is no longer the exception to the norm; retaliation for speaking out has become the norm. Case in point, whistle blowers afforded protection under the law may remain anonymous if they so choose. Choosing to remain anonymous while uncovering wrongdoing does not and should not discount the veracity of a whistle blower's account. Using one's "real" name is completely irrelevant in a CIVIL social discourse that involves both matter of opinions and facts. One should not be mistaken for the other. Regardless of names, courage and bravery is about stepping forward to voice one's opinion, especially when those opinions are unpopular. Far too often, citizens remain silent for fear of reprisals. Their voices are never heard. Attempts to shame and embarrass those that do speak out anonymously, only reveal the insecurities and fragile egos of the critics who cry foul.

Spoons and Forks said...

I am so sick of the bigotry at Doc Souza's forum. How did he get his nickname anyhow - channeling Dr. Josef Mengele?

And to the owners who advertise on Doc's page, you just lost my business.

Oh, and by the way, who is getting married, and how is one not be aware of a such a rare event nowadays?

Doc Souza said...

Atticus, in this case the people use being anonymous to hide and not face the truth,. It is easy to say things and not be accountable.

Dan, Would you like to see the photo from the wedding yesterday?
No Dan, not afraid to face you. I have met with several people who disagreed with me, one on one. Tracie Stafford, Shari from Dream Girls, a local business owner and others. That's what my goal was with you, but Friday didn't work out because as I said I thought the wedding was in the evening and I didn't have time after 2 pm. Pretty simple.

thanks for proving my point from my email though. It is what it is at this point. Not worth continuing with someone who is more interested in attacking people than trying to resolve things.

Elk Grove News said...

Note to Robert Souza:

By #Bunkerboy!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

ROTFL. . .now this is rich:

Robert Souza writes, "Not worth continuing with someone who is more interested in attacking people than trying to resolve things.

Given Sonia Lewis' testimony, along with many others, proves this "Doc" person doesn't take his own advice.

Atticus Finch said...

Doc- people expressing their opinions anonymously is not hiding. I'll refer you back to my remarks. How would you hold people accountable for voicing their thoughts? Please explain your logic.

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