The importance of whistleblowers, especially from government ranks

The following was a comment posted yesterday from an EGN contributor in a conversation with an Elk Grove chat room operator on the importance of whistleblowers. The entire commentary can be read here


In today's volatile environment, anonymity can provide a degree of safety and security that allows individuals to exercise their 1st Amendment free speech rights, particularly when retaliation for doing so is no longer the exception to the norm; retaliation for speaking out has become the norm. 

Case in point, whistleblowers afforded protection under the law may remain anonymous if they so choose. Choosing to remain anonymous while uncovering wrongdoing does not and should not discount the veracity of a whistle blower's account. 

Using one's "real" name is completely irrelevant in a CIVIL social discourse that involves both matters of opinions and facts. One should not be mistaken for the other. 

Regardless of names, courage and bravery is about stepping forward to voice one's opinion, especially when those opinions are unpopular. Far too often, citizens remain silent for fear of reprisals. 

Their voices are never heard. Attempts to shame and embarrass those that do speak out anonymously, only reveal the insecurities and fragile egos of the critics who cry foul.

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