Elk Grove News Minute - RBG and the death of the great American experiment?

Yesterday was a sad day for our future of liberties and the great American experiment. 

Godspeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Steve L said...

This is a greater loss to American Democracy than most Americans can even fathom. Dan is right on in his comments. RBG was a great champion of civil rights, women's rights and certainly human rights. If the great hypocrisy that Mitch McConnell is proposing comes to fruition, the Donald Trump legacy will survive the possibility of just a four year term into a likely 30 year tear down of American human rights. I have to admit that Gorsuch and Kavenaugh have been more moderate than expected to date, so Trump will make sure he has a puppet this time around.

It makes so much sense to wait until the election is over (less than 6 weeks) to begin the SCOTUS search. Hell, McConnell refused for 11 months to even have a hearing and vetting of Obama's candidate to fill Scalia's seat.

Democracy demands this position remain open until the 2020 election is decided. Let's hope that at least four Republicans see this hypocrisy and circumvention of democracy and refuse to vote to confirm a replacement until after the election.

It's astonishing that the last wish of a Supreme Court justice are being completely ignored despite the wish being in the best interest of the democracy. McConnell is a traitor to American values.

RIP RBG!! - You will be missed.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Steve L, you couldn't be more correct. Thank you for putting so eloquently what, I believe, the majority of Americans also believe.

And shame on Moscow Mitch for not even giving Justice Ginsberg 24 hours of respect for the American people to mourn before making his hypocritical statements about her replacement.

I can only hope that KARMA catches up with him!

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