Singh-Allen slaps Ly with misogynist label in current mailer for Elk Grove mayoral election

In what appears to be a campaign strategy focused on accusations leveled against Steve Ly, mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen has sent a mailer to Elk Grove voters accusing the incumbent mayor of being a misogynist.

The mailer, which was received yesterday, starts with a dictionary graphic with a definition of a misogynist. The copy also has a reference that says, "maybe; Ly, Steve."

On the flip side of the mailer are quotes from various media sources regarding accusations leveled at Ly by several people in Elk Grove who have said Ly and his associates have bullied them. Among those are Singh-Allen, a trustee for the Elk Grove Unified School District, fellow EGUSD Trustee Nancy Chaires-Espinoza, former EGUSD Trustee Jake Rambo, Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno, Ly's 2016 campaign manager Linda Vue, and a local lifestyle writer. 

The mailer concludes by asking if Ly is a misogynist or bully and says, "either way his is unfit for office and should resign...but he won't. So we need to vote him out instead."

Another part of the narrative the Singh-Allen campaign is attempting to create about Ly is that he has been presented conflicting stories to different audiences. The campaign says while Ly has said he denounces the bullying of women in mainstream media and social media posts, but during appearances on Hmong language TV programs (Ly speaks Hmong), he presents a conflicting commentary.

The mailer is the second one distributed by the Singh-Allen campaign in the last two weeks. Last week's mailer was more standard information touting endorsements and biographical information.

To date, Ly does not appear to have distributed any mailers. One reader said the Ly campaign has gone to a tactic he has successfully used in previous campaigns - the distribution of gifts. 

In the last two weeks, some voters have found small flowering potted plants on their doorsteps. The plants included a campaign flier and a postcard from Ly's wife.

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Spoons and Forks said...

Thankfully we have only six more weeks of this nonsense. When my ballot arrives, if I go that far down, I will not vote for Singh-Allen, or Ly. I don't know anything about the other guy running, so I won't vote for him. If I vote in the mayors race, it will be a write-in.

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