If campaign contributions are a signal, 'The Establishment' has made their choice in Elk Grove's District 3 race

While much of the attention in Elk Grove electoral contests has been centered on the mayoral race, there is another one that is equally intriguing - the Elk Grove City Council District 3 race.

There are a couple factors that make this contest noteworthy including there are five candidates seeking the seat being vacated by Councilmember Steve Detrick. Additionally, for the first time in the city's history, the winner will be determined by in-district voters only.

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Each of the five candidates offers a unique background and set of talents as they seek votes. One of the questions we have been seeking an answer to is this - who will the establishment donor class support?

If there has been one constant in Elk Grove politics, it has been the outsized influence real estate developers - The Establishment - have had on the city in its 20-year history. With no incumbents who vote they can rely on, the developers had to identify their candidate who, if elected, will maintain their status quo.   

Based on several recent contributions, they seem to have made their choice - Republican Kevin Spease.

Over the last several days, Spease has received contributions from these establishment contributors:
  • Committee for Homeownership, Northstate Building Association - $5,000
  • Taylor Morrison (homebuilders) Building Strong Business PAC - $2,500
  • Village Properties - $2,500
  • Republic Services (Elk Grove's garbage hauler) - $1,000
While Spease has not captured contributions from all of the big players in Elk Grove - he needs a victory before they all jump on board - these are a good indication should he be selected by voters, he will voice of The Establishment.  

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Steve L said...

How does that benefit the citizenry?

I'm afraid it doesn't benefit the citizens, only the developers. This vote maintains the status quo where developers from Folsom and Granite Bay determine the future of our city.

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