In Their Own Words - Elk Grove Mayoral Candidates

As part of our election coverage of the 2020 Elk Grove City Council elections, we have invited the three candidates vying for Elk Grove mayor to submit audio recordings. The candidates can discuss their candidacy at any length they desire. 

In this edition, you will hear from Bobbie Singh-Allen and Brain Pastor. The recordings are posted in the order received. 

The third candidate in the race, incumbent Steve Ly did not respond to the invitation. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Does Bobbie Singh-Allen think the voters of Elk Grove are uninformed? The city of Elk Grove does not have a strong mayor system. In our weak mayoral system, the Mayor is just one of five votes. And if Ms. Singh-Allen was really paying attention, most votes go 4-1 when there is any agenda item that is of the least bit of contention.

Therefore, Ms. Singh-Allen’s ire here, totally ignoring the other candidate Brian Pastor, should be aimed at Steve Detrick, Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen and Darren Suen. These four are a sound voting block and dominate most votes. All of whom, by the way, have endorsed Singh-Allen and push their special-interest agendas.

Josie said...

Well said EyeonEG A good Mayoral candidate 'should' only promise what they can control. An Elk Grove mayoral candidate should know they will have a limited amount of control over many of the most critical issues facing the city and that there are more people involved in the decision making process.

That being said, there is no law that says the elected needs to keep their campaign promises. That comes into play during the next election cycle and hopefully, not a replay of this one.

Spoons and Forks said...

All the candidates for mayor and city council are really silly. Like Eye said, they all think they are Donald "I Alone" Trump will be granted a magic wand upon election that will give them the power to grant every wish. Well at least they aren't suggesting ingestion of Lysol or bleach as part of their COVID recovery plans!

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