With latest mailer, independent real estate interest spending in Elk Grove mayoral race approaching $200,000

As happens during every election cycle, mailboxes of Elk Grove voters are inundated with campaign literature. For voters in this cycle, they have also received many pieces from an independent expenditure committee opposing an Elk Grove mayoral candidate. 

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That independent expenditure committee is sponsored by the California Association of Realtors and is opposing Mayor Steve Ly. According to its most recent disclosure with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, the committee has to date spent $192,789 to unseat the two-term mayor.

As with many independent groups seeking to defeat a candidate, they use any messaging or whiff of controversy available to their ends. Even though the CAR's focus would seem to be with real estate matters, their current mailer in opposition to Ly is a prime example of this tactic. 

This mailer called "Steve Ly - The Wrong Way" focuses on the recent controversy surrounding claims the mayor and his associates bullied elected women in Elk Grove. Among those women making the claims is Bobbie Singh-Allen, a Trustee with the Elk Grove Unified School District who is challenging Ly for mayor.   

Along with focusing on these claims, women voters are targeted with this piece. Other mailers send by the same committee were addressed to all voters at a particular residence. 

In addition to mailers, as part of their expenditures in the Elk Grove mayoral race, the CAR has spent $20,000 on consulting and $22,000 for polling. 

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