More than Three Minutes Podcast - Elk Grove soccer field timeline, promises

By Lynn Wheat | 

During their January 27, 2021 meeting, the Elk Grove City Council will have a public hearing on the city’s long-planned and promised soccer and athletic fields on Grant Line Road.

In this edition of More Than Three Minutes podcast, an outline of the time table of the project over the last several years is offered, insights into how it has been handled and asks important questions. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Ms. Wheat dwells a lot on how the City Council, "The 5-0 Squad" spends our money. I for one have a lot of faith in the 5-0 Squad and their support staff because they are sophisticated real estate developers with a winning track record and know how to wheel and deal.

Patience grasshopper. The soccer field will be dealt away at a big discount to an e-commerce warehouse user for a bunch of livable wage jobs. Or maybe NRC, the circuit board manufacturer is really coming now! And don't forget the Old Town Plaza, fancy-smanchy restroom, and the old brick buildings just teeming with lease offers!

Ms. Wheat needs to have faith, be patient, and keep paying her Mello Roos tax assessments. It will all work out, 5-0 says it will.

Steve L said...

I recall seeing my friends and those parents with their kids so excited a soccer facility is coming to EG when the city held a meeting at council chambers to present the project to the local youth soccer fans. Just about every youth soccer coach, with their team in tow wearing their jerseys and all those many parents showed up in such great anticipation to hear the word of then Mayor Gary Davis. Davis informed all what a great regional facility he was going to build, one of the best in Northern California. He explained there would be tournaments at the facility just about every weekend year round. Lights, artificial grass, bleachers, concessions, tree covered areas to relax, locker rooms and restrooms.
I knew better. It hurt me to watch all there eat up this dream when I knew all to well the plans were just so much a dream and there was no way this facility would not be built. The city just didn't have the money and financing would have been extremely difficult and expensive.
It broke my heart to see all the excitement not only the kids had, but their parents and coaches as well. I told some that approached me with their excitement and smile; It's not going to happen. Some didn't believe me. The excitement was just too strong. Years later here we are.

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