As stated during City Council meeting, Elk Grove Hmong-American group sends demand letter; Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen issues statement

As promised during the Wednesday, March 10 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, a demand letter has been sent to Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen.

The letter from Marie Vue of Elk Grove Hmong Americans demands the mayor's resignation for what they say is her refusal to apologize for racially insensitive comments regarding their culture. If Singh-Allen does not resign, the Elk Grove Hmong American group said it will pursue a recall effort of the first-term mayor. 

The incident stems from a published story last summer that the group characterized Singh-Allen's comments as derogatory to the Hmong culture. In response, Singh-Allen through a representative has reiterated that she apologized for the statement and the group's maneuver is politically motivated. 

Below is the letter from the Elk Grove Hmong American group. Also posted below that is the official response from the mayor regarding the accusations and today's letter.  

Statement from Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen 

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

The food fight between Ms. Singh-Allen and the Hmong civil rights groups seems to be taking on a more serious note with this development.

Regarding the mayor's apology, or any apology from a celebrity, athlete etc., that says to the effect that their words were twisted, that is the classic definition of the non-apology. These are just words on a page and nothing more.

Mayor Singh-Allen should just issue a simple, straight forward apology without these qualifications and put the ball in their court.

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