Ya Gotta be Schmittin' Me Podcast - A Real Cultural Education in Lesotho as Peace Corps volunteer

By Dan Schmitt |

The tiny Kingdom of Lesotho sits high up in the barren, tree-starved, Drakensburg Mountains of southern Africa. It is a mostly rural country with hundreds of small villages scattered throughout the mountainous region. Because of its high elevation, Lesotho is sometimes called the “Switzerland of Africa.” Unlike that of many other African nations, Lesotho’s climate is very mild, pleasant actually, and it is not unusual for the upper elevations to experience snow in winter.

As pleasant as Lesotho’s climate is, the Basotho people are even more pleasant, despite the entrenched poverty that has gripped the country from its very beginnings. It was within that country and amongst those wonderful people that my wife and I found ourselves in the summer of 1979 as U.S. Peace Corps volunteers.

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