New Elk Grove-based charter school group ’45 4Ever’ seeks funding for first school to be named after former President

A newly incorporated Elk Grove-based charter school organization unveiled plans today for a new charter high school in the city’s Southeast Policy Area (SEPA). As part of their project, the organization called “45 4Ever” said it would name its new facility after former President Donald Trump.

The group, headed by Stephen Millar, said 45-4Ever would immediately begin its application process with the Elk Grove Unified School District. Millar said they would pursue funds to construct a new facility which could mean Elk Grove would be home to the first school named in the country after the beloved former President. 

“We are seeking $45 million from the school district to build a state-of-the-art facility, becoming of the former President Donald Trump’s contribution to humanity,” Millar said. “And unlike current high school facilities in Elk Grove, ours will include an Olympic-sized pool with a 10-meter diving platform, which even [City of Elk Grove’s aquatic center] District 56 doesn’t have.”
Although Millar would not specify what the special programs the high school would offer, he hinted programming could be one of the focuses. He did confirm there will also be a focus on languages.

“We hope to teach coding with the express purpose of developing new social media platforms to fight fake news coming out of media organizations such as the failing New York Times,” he said. “We can say for sure our students will leave our school with Russian history and language fluency.”

Unlike other charter schools, which generally launch with existing facilities, 45-4Ever plans to build from the ground up. The SEPA location, Millar says, is perfect for their expansion plans for Donald J. Trump High School of Excellence.

Like Elk Grove’s California Northstate University hospital project, 45-4Ever has laid out an ambitious construction schedule. They hope to have funds and curriculum approved by the EGUSD Board of Trustees by this June 14, the same day as the former President's 75th Birthday and construction of the 250,000 square foot school completed one year from today.

Acknowledging the ambition of their plan, Millar and other supporters said they have enlisted a well-known local politician who led CNU’s community outreach efforts.  

Millar said, “We can’t say who this former elected official is, but along with their excellent community outreach efforts on behalf of Dr. Alvin Cheung and California Northstate, this person has expertise at opening charter schools, especially here in Elk Grove.” 

Thumbs up for Trump and 
Along with acreage for an 18-hole golf course, 45-4ever has expansion plans for their school, so they will use the EGUSD funds to purchase 640-acres in the Southeast Policy Area.

“Given the Elk Grove City Council’s lust for a four-year college in the city, we have plans for an adjacent college to open within three years," Millar said. "We are sure the city's department of economic development will jump through hoops for us like they did for California Northstate."

Millar added Jerry Falwell Jr. is already under contract to head the college when it opens in two years. 

“Of course, the institution of higher education will be christened The Trump University,” Millar stated.  "As soon as we open, under Mr. Falwell's morality-focused leadership we'll have already passed Stanford as California's premier university much less than shitholes like Harvard."

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Kat812 said...

Classes include -
1. Knowing when to trade your current wife for a younger version.
2. It's Okay to Rape (they're just women and young girls).
3. How to manipulate property values and cheat the IRS.
4. Identifying and manipulating angry white males.
5. Inciting an insurrection while calling it fake news (#3 is a prerequisite).

Randy Bekker said...

Lol, it is April Fools Day

john said...

We know it won’t be teaching STEM, Health, Ethics, nor Business success strategies...

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Or maybe, the Trump college will hire the Republican on the Elk Grove City Council, with his Master's Degree, and all his on-the-job dais counsel and arm-flailing soliloquies, to teach ethics and mediation!

Spoons and Forks said...

I'm guessing Melania will be the Dean of the "charm" school.

Unknown said...

Maybe teach a course for real estate developers in "How To Do Outreach To Your Community" taught by Alvin Cheung, Gary Davis and Allan Warren.

White Hat said...

Got to laugh at those of you triggered! And you wonder why your other comments can't be taken seriously. April Fools!

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