Book Review - For dog lovers, you'll enjoy Dogtripping

By Suzanne Gougherty | 

Moving any two pets from one location to another - even a mere 95 miles away has its challenges.  But how about a trip with 25 dogs in an RV (three of them) from southern California to Maine. I think this is more than the average dog lover can handle.

Dogtripping is a true story by David Rosenfelt about how he and his wife Debbie moved their rescue dogs across the country. Weaved in the story are moments of sadness, humor, and true grit, mixed in with a few interesting side stories.  

The pets are in cities, towns, and villages across the country, many without the benefit of someone who cares for them.  The chapters, sometimes short vignettes about particular dogs, are intertwined with the author's travelogue, along with snippets of the many volunteers that signed up to assist them on their cross-country trek.

It can be heartwarming at times, but at its core, it's really about a husband and wife team who care deeply about dogs that no one else seems to care about - the discarded.

For all their love and compassion for man's best friend, Rosenfelt and his wife Debbie have been honored for their rescue work in California. This is a great summer read for anyone who loves dogs, and even those not as canine-crazy will enjoy their story.  

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Steve L said...

Thanks for the review and a bit of rational and compassionate thought in a world it seems too many times gone mad.

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