Moreno to hold fundraiser hosted by heavyweight elected Democratic supporters, but none from Elk Grove City Council

Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno will host a fundraiser next month hosted by several local Democratic heavyweight...

Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno will host a fundraiser next month hosted by several local Democratic heavyweights. The event will feature prominent Democratic elected officials but not the three Democratic Elk Grove City Council members.

Moreno, a Democrat running for the District 5 seat of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, is one of two candidates to date vying to succeed Don Nottoli. Of significance, especially regarding Elk Grove, the other candidate running for the position is Republican Elk Grove City Councilmember, Pat Hume.

Among the hosts of Moreno's September 23 event and Democratic supporters of her campaign are Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, Sacramento City Councilmember Mai Vang and Sacramento City Councilmember and State Senate candidate Angelique Ashby and 14 other elected officials holding various offices in Sacramento County. Moreno also has the support of five unions.

What Moreno doesn't have is the support of any of the three Democratic Elk Grove City Council members. While Councilmembers Darren Suen and Stephanie Nguyen have not committed their endorsements, an early supporter of Republican Hume is Elk Grove Democratic first-term Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. 

For Nguyen and Suen, who are pals with Hume, endorsing his candidacy could be problematic should the California District 9 seat currently occupied by Jim Cooper open up for the 2022 primary. Both have expressed interest to run as Democrats for the Assembly seat so endorsing a Republican in what will undoubtedly be a high-profile contest could hurt their political ambitions.  

While endorsements are no guarantee of electoral success, Moreno's list indicates she may be able to tap into the financial resources needed to conduct a campaign in the geographically largest supervisorial district. 

Likewise, should Nguyen and Suen follow the lead of Singh-Allen and throw their support to a Republican, notwithstanding the self-inflicted damage they could sustain with their party, it could influence enough voters in Elk Grove to support Hume, which will be the largest block of District 5 voters in the 2022 primary.

Whoever can woo Elk Grove voters in the race will probably be the next supervisor. Expect to see intense campaigning as both Moreno and Hume will try to convince their hometown constituents, not to mention other local elected officials, they are best suited to succeed Nottoli.
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