Latest California Assembly map very favorable for Elk Grove

California Assembly maps released by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission revealed boundaries favorable for the City of Elk Grove and South Sacramento and Elk Grove-based candidates.

The latest map, released today, geographically downsizes the current 9th Assembly District, which currently runs from South Sacramento to Lodi. The map wholly incorporates Elk Grove, and although it would include portions of South Sacramento and unincorporated Sacramento, Elk Grove would be the largest municipality.  

Although the demographics for this configuration are not yet released, Asian representation compared to other proposed maps and the current boundaries would likely increase significantly. The district would include South Sacramento's Little Saigon business district and Elk Grove, which has about 30-percent of its population in the Asian-American classification. 

Current 9th Assembly District Rep. Jim Cooper is considering running for Sacramento County Sheriff but has not announced his intentions. Under this configuration, the district would likely continue as a Democratic area but could trend more liberal with eliminating rural areas currently represented by Cooper, who is considered a middle-of-the-road Democrat.

Although the details of the proposed map are not currently available, portions of California Assembly District 7, currently represented by Kevin McCarty, considered more liberal than Cooper, appears to be included in the configuration. If this scenario persisted through final maps where Districts 7 and 9 are grouped together, based on McCarty's exact residency, the district could be home to Cooper and McCarty.

Although several current Democratic officeholders would defer challenging Cooper or McCarty, non-office holders, more liberal Democratic and Republican candidates could enter the race.   

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